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Thanksgiving Photo Collage

thanksgiving scrapbook

Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be confined to books.  For Thanksgiving, why not make a fun scrapbooked collage as a decoration?  Then when the holidays are over, it can go into a scrapbook and become a special part of the family’s memories.

Get everyone to come up with a few good family photos. Try to collect photos of a similar size, with the faces of the family members about the size of a quarter.  This will help to keep everything uniform. See if relatives in other parts of the world can send photos also. If people don’t want to risk sending precious photographs, they can have a color photocopy made. A color photocopy will work just fine for this project. Even if people send original photos, make a color photocopy of all the photos rather than cutting out the photos themselves.  This will ensure that everyone will get to keep what they sent.

Cut the faces out of the photos, and arrange them in a collage on a large piece of paper.  You can use an adhesive glue stick to hold everything together.  When it is done, put it on or near the table so that everyone has an opportunity to give thanks for the love that your family shares.  What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a great collage?