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Take Great Engagement Photos

With wedding season nearly upon us, it might be time to think about those engagement photo sessions.  When you have the perfect photo session, you want to remember it for years.  With the Pioneer Photo Albums from Store Photos, you can keep those memories together forever.  But you need to make sure that you get great photos first!

great engagement photos

Here are some tips:

  • Bold colors, unique ideas, and fun themes can help represent you as a couple.  After all, you want to look back at these pictures 30 years from now and see a reflection of your life together.
  • Try using tons of props!  It’s an easy way to become comfortable in front of the camera, too.  We’ve all had moments where we’ve wondered what to do with our hands in a picture… and if you use props, that gets a lot easier.  Think about bicycles, parasols, balloons, hats, etc.
  • Showcase a hobby that the two of you share.  You can even include some exciting action shots.  Skiing, dancing, boating, and playing board games are some fun ideas.  Let the photographer shoot you and your fiancé in your element—try not to pose.
  • Adding effects of colors is interesting and appealing, as well.  Photo editing software can help you achieve this.  Make the photos sepia toned, black and white, or fuzzy around the edges.  Have fun!

You can create a truly memorable engagement album.