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Holiday Photos

holiday photos storephotos.comGetting your family together for a holiday photos isn’t always easy.  There are so many things that your family might complain about—whether it’s the obligatory holiday sweaters or the awkward poses.  Holiday photos aren’t the most fun, but you can make it better with some of these tips from Store Photos.  This is the year for the holiday photo you’ve always dreamed of.  Just imagine the beautiful scrapbooks you can make!

Then and Now

Family photos have always been awkward, and now is the perfect time to look back.  You can recreate old childhood photos.  If you’ve got siblings, we’re sure you’ve taken many pictures together.  Get some old childhood Christmas pictures, and do the same poses.  It’ll be funny because you’re older now!

Ugly Sweaters

It’s one thing to be forced to wear ugly holiday sweaters as a kid.  It’s another thing altogether to willingly put them on as adults.  This is something fun to do with friends.  So grab three of your closest friends, the craziest holiday sweaters you can find, and get cracking.

Put a Fresh Twist on It

You’re not into the holiday sweaters?  Fine.  Wear Hawaiian shirts instead!  Or you can do something Brady Bunch style.  Shoot an individual picture of everyone in the family.  It’s fun to have your photos interact!

What are your fun holiday photo ideas?