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Did You Get a Scrapbook for Valentine’s Day?

If you were lucky enough to get a gorgeous scrapbook for Valentine’s Day, you can’t just let it sit around empty! This week, take some time to really sit down and work on your scrapbook so that your valentine knows exactly how great a gift he or she chose this year! Start out by making a stop at for some of these scrapbooking essentials:

1. Colored Paper – make sure that your photos and pages pop by getting colored paper to fill in your scrapbook and add pizzazz!

2. Embellishments – these are what make each and every page stand out! Stop by to stock up on some great embellishments for your scrapbook.

3. Craft scissors – make your papers and matting look one-of-a-kind by using craft scissors to add personality to the edges of your paper.

4. Colored pens – give each photo a colorful caption and draw/write in something special on each page by using colored pens.

5. Adhesives – make sure that all of your scraps and photos stay put by using adhesives from They’re acid-free and strong enough to keep your scrapbook together!