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Salvage an Old Photo Album

photo albums

Times change, along with fashions, color motifs, and of course, photo albums. If you’ve just uncovered a hideously covered album that has all of your favorite memories stored, you can still save this creation without having to remove, transfer, and reorganize all of your family photos. To do it, all you need is that dingy old album, some glue, some scissors, and a great piece of fabric.

To start out with, cut the piece of fabric like you were going wrap a present with it, leaving a few inches on all sides so that they can be folded over onto the inside of the covers. Next, lay the photo album out open, with the cover facing the back of the fabric. Then, using the glue, attach the fabric to the cover, being careful to fold the fabric tightly around it, just like a book cover. Be sure to add enough glue to keep the fabric from pulling or forming bubbles and wrinkles. No glue on hand? A varnish can work just as well. At the corners of the album, fold the fabric so that it wraps neatly around the corner and add glue to secure it. To keep the fold in place, use a binder clip to hold over the fold as it dries.

Once the fabric has set and dried, feel free to personalize your album cover with patches, buttons, ribbons, or other fun and affordable embellishments. Remember, you can change this style at any time!