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Photography Tips: Sunrise and Sunset


Taking photos at some of the most beautiful times of day can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to get a good landscape shot. To help you through photographing sunrise and sunset, here are a few great tips from

-Autumn has a lot of really great sunrises. Purple and pink skies will contrast beautifully with the bold autumn leaves when you watch sunrise from start to finish. But remember, if you’re taking early morning photos, be careful about your light. To get the full impact of all of the colors, try adjusting your settings. If you use a more advanced digital camera, turn down the exposure a few notches to get more dimension.

-Once the sun is in plain sight, you have to be careful of flare. Try using your hat or hand to block out flare or take your photo from a shady spot. If you use a camera with a larger lens, there are always lens hoods that you can use to prevent flare from ruining your picture.

-When shooting either at sunrise or sunset, try putting the horizon off center. This adds a deeper look to your picture and can make the shot look more interesting.

-Pay attention to the clouds. The more clouds there are – without completely covering the sky – the more dynamic the colors will be.

-At sunset, try moving to a higher elevation to get a broader view of the landscape and colors to really capture that moment.