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Make Outdoor Shots Look Spectacular

When taking shots outside, it can be tough to capture a scene without having a lot of shadow. Luckily, there’s a super simple technique out there that can make outdoor photography during the summer easier than ever. From birthday parties to weddings, you can capture it all – and do it beautifully – by using this great photography tip from

So what’s this magical technique? Well, it is not necessarily magic, but it is something useful. The fill flash mode on your camera helps you take control of your flash so that you can illuminate your subjects the right way. In fill flash mode, the camera exposes for the background first, then adds – or fills in- enough flash to illuminate the subject at the front of the shot. As a result, you get a professional looking photo that’s free of harsh lighting and harsh shadows.

Just don’t forget – most camera flashes only have a range of about 10 feet or less, so you don’t want to stand too far away. Otherwise, this technique won’t work!