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Fall Photography Tips

Fall Fruit

Venture outdoors to explore and capture the gorgeous fall colors the season has to offer. The vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow can create amazing photographs. This fall, maximize your photography skills with these tips to make your snapshots shine!

-The best time of the day to photograph in the fall is early morning or late afternoon. The shadows and light during these times of the day provide depth to your photos.

-Don’t be fooled by overcast days. Grey and slightly gloomy days allow for fall colors to truly pop in your photos.

-Windy day? Try out different shutter speeds and use a tripod to experiment with pictures that capture motions from the breeze or light wind. Moving leaves and blurred effects can be unique.

-Indulge in contrasts by including opposing colors. Bright fall foliage will look even brighter when photographed next to a dark landscape or building.

-Water reflection on a pond, lake or stream are best captured early morning when the light is slowing rising. It’s best to focus on a focal point to allow for a clear reflection.

Some of the most beautiful pictures are taken during the rall. Experiment with different lenses and shutter speeds to give an element of uniqueness to your photos.