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Digital Photos: An Easier Way to Conduct a Scavenger Hunt!

We’re all familiar with the popular tradition of the scavenger hunt. It consists of gathering as many items or performing as many tasks from a list as one can, and the first to complete the list wins. However, gathering and transporting these items can be quite trying, but thanks to the advent of digital cameras, scavenger hunts are now much easier.

A few months ago, I did a scavenger hunt with some friends, and we had a massive list. Bringing back physical proof of every item would have been impossible, so instead of requiring the actual items, we decided to simply take a picture of it instead. Not only was this easier, it also made the experience more memorable for all. Now, months later, I am able to look back at this pictures and remember the good times we had.

Throughout our lives, we want to create as many memories as we can. Is there any better way to do so than having a concrete visual so that you never forget them? I think not!