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Decorate Your Home With Family Photos

Decorate Your Home with Photos

Family photos are one of the home’s most treasured items. Why not add beauty and value throughout your living space by choosing to decorate with family photos? Here are 4 great ways that you can turn your home into a work of art using your snapshots, a little handy work, and a lot of imagination. Enjoy!

1.In the Hallway
Hallways are like blank canvases, ready to be turned into a masterpiece. To add some flair to your hallway, consider enlarging one of your family photos and have it mounted on canvas to be hung in a unique frame above a small decorative table.

2.In the Living Room
In the living room, adding a coffee table book can make all the difference for your visitors. Instead of an interesting book of photography, consider making a unique Photo Album to set out for guests to view during your next occasion.

3.In the Playroom
Kids will love it when you turn their favorite photographs into a colorful mobile using string, clothespins, a plastic circle, and a whole lot of imagination! Make it with your child for an extra special activity.

4.In the Bedroom
Turn an empty wall into a gallery space by installing several shelves of varying sizes and placing framed photographs, vases, or other decorative items on them to add character and to create ambiance.