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Clever Camera Tricks for Better Photos

Photography can be a great way to capture your favorite memories, but it gets even better when you actually can shoot photos like a pro. By following some of these clever camera tips, you can be sure to make your family photos masterpieces within your favorite Photo Albums.


Read the Manual
It’s really that simple. Your camera manual is the first place to start to learn how to take good pictures. Know how your camera settings work and what settings work best in a certain environment. Shooting on the Auto mode is fine if you’re not camera savvy, though you can notice a big difference in quality once you start to play with the features.

Change Your Orientation
Instead of shooting every photo horizontally, instead opt to take some vertical or tilted shots. These can better capture certain scenes and made for easy to frame, easy to display shots.

Move From the Middle
You can instantly make any photo interesting by not placing your subject in the center of your viewfinder. Instead, imagine there is a tic-tac-toe board on your screen. Now move the object to one of the intersection points on your imaginary grid, lock the focus, then shoot! You’ll get an interesting picture that’s composed well without the hassle.