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My Baby Pictures? Bring Them On!

Some people may consider me crazy, but I have never cringed when the old photo albums were dusted off and cracked open for company. I love pictures – even pictures of me in footed pajamas on Christmas morning leaning against the kitchen door singing into my new Michael Jackson microphone. And pictures of a sunburned me on vacation in Disney World shaking the sand from my Minnie Mouse purse. And pictures of me shortly after I cut my hair with animal-shaped safety scissors that will indeed cut if you try and try again!

Photo Albums

But before you think I only like pictures of myself, let me add that I adore pictures of my friends and family – especially the ones taken before I was born. Being the youngest of three children, much of what I know about my siblings’ childhood is from pictures. And much of what I know is they were an interestingly dressed duo! There was once a world full of bell-bottomed corduroys and baby blue tee-shirts, and without pictures, it would be a fairy tale to me.

Photo Albums do more than capture a moment. They capture a whole era. They help little sisters understand what came before them, and they help build a visual timeline of where we’ve been, and how important every second is.