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5 Easy Photography Tips for Great Family Photos

Family photos are always a favorite keepsake, but when it comes to making a family portrait work, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Here are a few tips to make the most of family photos so that every shot looks its best:

1.) Make sure that you coordinate with your family before you take the picture to determine the look and feel of the shot. Will it be formal? Casual? Goofy? Make sure everyone is on the same page concerning what the photo will look like.

2.) Also coordinate with family on attire. Avoid patterns and overly trendy styles, which can make the photo look dated or can cause the photo to look too busy. Make sure your family feels comfortable but is wearing similar colors to keep the look together.

3.) Get creative about your backdrop. Try going outside to find a nice backdrop for your photo. Just remember to adjust your camera settings if you’re going from indoors to out and vice versa.

4.) Speaking of lighting, be sure that there is plenty of light on your subjects so that there are not too many shadows. If you’re taking the photo outside, make sure everyone isn’t squinting into the sunlight.

5.) Have fun with it! Family portraits can be fun experiences. Do not be afraid to joke around with your family or get creative with the shot to make it work.