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Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

The turkey, the trimmings, and family – what could be better? Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that families around the nation enjoy every year, but this Thanksgiving, we want you to do something a little different. Instead of taking mental snapshots of those around the table moments, break out your digital camera and actually take some photos. Capture the dressing of the turkey and your aunt peeling potatoes. Save those memories of naps in the living room and Turkey Day football. Treasure those moments of hugs, smiles, and of course, pumpkin pie.

Once you’ve got the photos, it’s time to load them on your computer or have them developed. From there, you can feel free to create something fabulous, like a Thanksgiving Scrapbook or a treasured family album that can be enjoyed for years to come, or be gifted this holiday season. Just let that creativity run wild!

Also, once you’re finished with all of the turkey and celebrating, you can rest up – and gear up – for some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings! There’s going to be tons of great deals on the net for you to take advantage of, including some fabulous finds and terrific deals at!

So take some time now to enjoy those memories – and Mom’s turkey – this Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Holiday!