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Want a Fun Snow Day Activity? Scrapbook!

Winter is here and it’s probably likely that your child is going to have a snow day sometime soon. Not to worry though – you don’t have to stress out about how you’re going to keep your little one entertained. In fact, you both can take part in a fun and interesting activity that everyone can enjoy, no matter what the weather: scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking is a great snow day activity, especially if you and your child love to make crafts together. Start out by purchasing a Scrapbook Kit or some kid-friendly scrapbooking supplies that you both can use to create a memorable scrapbook that catalogs a special event in your lives. Whether it was this year’s birthday party or last winter’s holiday season, the pictures and pages you’ll both create are sure to make your special event even more memorable. Just remember to get creative with your markers, crayons, embellishments, paints, or even stickers!

Take some time on your next snow day to scrapbook with your child. Trust us – it’ll be so much fun!