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Take Beautiful Pictures of Flowers this Spring

Spring weather is popping up across the country, and the flowers will soon be in bloom. If you’re an avid photographer and scrapbooker, you should consider taking pictures of the flowers to enhance your scrapbooking projects.  Beautiful flower pictures can look wonderful next to pictures of friends, family, and events.  Here at Store Photos, we have a few tips to help you take gorgeous pictures of flowers this spring.  It’s time to tap into your creative side and step out of the box a little bit.  You can take many interesting pictures of flowers.

Take gorgeous flower pictures

Take gorgeous flower pictures

  • It’s interesting to explore different angles of the flower.  Try finding a nice side view of the flower.  Even better, try lying on the ground and pointing your camera back up at the flower.
  • You can get under the flower and position the sun directly behind the bloom.  This is a great way to achieve interesting glows, flares, and sunbursts with the light.
  • Have you ever thought about carrying a spray bottle around with you?  Lightly spray water onto flower petals to create a sense of dew or rain water droplets.
  • Try grouping different colors together, also.

When you’re ready to put your springtime scrapbook together, you can get everything you need right here at Store Photos.  From the photo albums to the refill pages, we’ve got you covered.