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Start Planning Your Vacation Scrapbook

Sure, your summer vacation may be months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start scrapbooking it! In the early stages of planning your trip, you can still enjoy some scrapbooking fun by taking photos of the travel agency where you booked the trip, the friends or family members you’ll be traveling with, or maybe even your airport! Feel free to get creative and include your booking receipts, any brochures the travel agent might have given you, or even an old passport to show that this trip took more than just an idea to go somewhere new. Then, make sure to pick up one of the Vacation Scrapbooks from just to be sure that you’re prepared for your trip, both before and after!

Once you’ve filled in this part of your trip in advance, take the time to wait and actually plan out all of the exciting things you’ll do on vacation. After you’ve reached your destination, feel free to take as many pictures as you’d like, as well as to pick up any scraps, postcards, or tickets that may look great in your travel scrapbook. Also, stock up on some great embellishments to add personality to your pages and don’t forget about finding some adhesive that can help all of your scraps stay in place. By starting now, you can begin getting a look and feel in your scrapbook that could carry through the rest of the pages.