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Fall is Here – Let’s Celebrate!

Autumn Scene

If you’re like most people, you can already feel that chill in the air, that crispness in the mornings, and that cheery feeling that gets you feeling giddy about Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s true, fall is just about here and it’s time to start preparing. At, we’re here to help you celebrate by offering you all of the essentials you need to create the perfect fall scrapbooks. Not sure where to begin? Consider some of these great ideas for fall scrapbook motifs:

1.If you love the foliage, celebrate it by creating scrapbook pages that feature landscape photos of the changing trees, pressed flowers, and even artificial leaves to add color.

2.Get into the spirit of the harvest by including stickers, illustrations, or photos of gourds, pumpkins, corn husks, and other seasonal fruits and veggies.

3.Feeling spooky? Let goblins, ghosts, and ghouls be the focal point of your Halloween scrapbook.

4.Get creative with your Turkey Day pages by adding actual feathers and including pictures of your own thanksgiving feast. As a special touch, include a family recipe or two in your pages.

5.Fall is a season for apples, so be sure to get into the spirit of things by including apple stickers, photos, and decals onto your pages.