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DIY Gift Idea #1: A Holiday Scrapbook

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but some people are already thinking about the holidays. If you’ve been having visions of gingerbread and sugarplums, it may be time for you to start thinking about how you’ll complete your holiday shopping list without breaking the bank. Luckily, do-it-yourself gifting is going to be big this year, so feel free to get into the spirit with this lovely gift idea from!

The Holiday Scrapbook

When it comes to family, there’s nothing better than reliving those special memories in photographs. If you have a huge photo collection of shots from the holidays, it may be time for you to get those pictures together and do something really creative with them! Don’t just shove them in an album or a shoe box. Instead, make them really shine by making a holiday scrapbook using the scrapbooking supplies from

Start out by choosing a decorative scrapbook of your choice in a size that fits your photo collection. Think bigger books for more photos. Next, go through your photo collection and choose the best photos that show off the holiday celebration. Try to go for a combination of candids and posed shots to get the best variety.

Once you have your photos, use adhesive to secure the photos to your scrapbook pages. After the glue has dried and your photos are secure, feel free to get creative with ribbons, scraps, embellishments, and other decorative accents that really bring out the holiday spirit. Go for a holiday motif to tie everything together. Finally, personalize your gift by writing in captions, notes to your loved one, and festive holiday quotes that help to make the scrapbook memorable and thoughtful. All that’s left to do now is just wrap it and give it to someone you love!