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Christmas Scrapbooking

Christmas is a magical time of  year full of happy get-togethers set around a beautiful, snow-covered world!  This time of the year has a fantastic way of bringing people closer together, and can create tender moments that are worth remembering for a lifetime.  A way to  savor these moments forever is to organize them – in a Christmas scrapbook!

A Christmas scrapbook is a special kind of scrapbook that can employ the participation of the whole family in it’s compilation.  To start the scrapbook, you have to give the family a heads-up.   Tell each member to bring as many old holiday photos and cards as they can find to the next family function.  Sift through  the photos of past Christmases with your family – these photos can make up the first pages of your scrapbook!

After laying out the beginning of the scrapbook, be sure to take many photos throughout the Christmas season.  These photos will make up the bulk of your Christmas scrapbook.  Once the season is over, you can compile these photos, along with all the Christmas cards you receive, to fill the remaining pages.

Be sure to get a Large 12×15 Scrapbook so you have plenty of space to be creative.  Most of all, have fun with this by keeping the whole family in the creative process.  It’s not only a good way to remember the holidays, but it could really bring family and friends closer together during this magical time of the year.