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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Today  is St. Patrick’s Day and you know what that means: it’s time to scrapbook the celebration! If you’re Irish or just Irish at heart, you’ll love these tips on how to make your St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook come alive:

1.) A green scrapbook is the perfect base to create a dazzling St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook that’s sure to capture the spirit of the day. carries a great selection

2.) Green paper will add just the right amount of the Emerald Isle to each and every photo. Use the papers to act as a page background, or as a page mat, whichever works best with your creative layout. Create the look of the Irish flag by using a combination of white and orange in your pages as well.

3.) Gold embellishments will lend a little luck to your pages and make each photo feel like it’s the prize at the end of a rainbow. Look for gold coins, pots of gold, or other gold embellishments to give some glimmer to your scrapbook.

Once you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to fill up your St. Patty’s Day scrapbook! Start out by gathering up photos of your local parade, friends and family wearing green, or even those snapshots from when you went to Ireland. Guinness labels, a recipe for Irish soda bread, or other little keepsakes will add the final touch. Mat the photos, paste them in, add embellishments, and you’re done!