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Bunny Photos For Better Baskets!

Easter Rabbit

Easter is right around the corner and many parents (and Easter Bunnies too!) are preparing for this festive, colorful time of year. As part of an Easter basket for someone special in your life, why not give them something a bit more interesting than some chocolate eggs and instead gift them with a Bunny Photo Album?

Made from just a traditional, colorful Photo Album and filled with pictures of bunnies, this adorable and thoughtful Easter gift is sure to delight anyone, no matter what their age. Fill up the pages with photographs of a pet bunny, bunnies in nature (or at the zoo), and maybe even some great bunny facts! We bet that no one has ever received a creative, fun gift like this before for Easter.

Let get you started by providing you with a lovely Easter Album, ready for you to fill up with adorable snapshots of Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, the Easter Bunny, and all of his friends.