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yeah, write – For Scrappers Who Think The Words Are Kinda Important, Too!

What’s fresh and fun and grammatically correct all over? No, this isn’t a weird English major joke (though I am known for them in certain circles!). It’s yeah, write – a cute and cool scrapbooking blog you totally need to check out! While I do allow myself to get lost in candy-colored blogs with very few words, but oodles of awesome layouts, I found my letter-loving self excited by Angie’s (she’s the lady behind all this bloggy goodness) fever for all things language. (It also never hurts to include pictures on your blog of your ridiculously adorable giant puppeh! See Big Dog in a Little Bathtub if you’re ready for ‘the cutest thing you’ve seen today’ to happen.) But of course this blog isn’t simply a tribute to language – though that would be fine! It’s about life and love and pictures and cameras and books and journals and babies (one of whom is a Super Swaddled Baby!). And Grandpas. And sock contests. Ya know, the basics. :)

yeah, write is a Scrapbooking Blog that takes all the ingredients and mixes them in a big ‘Blog Bowl’. After all, there’s more to a scrapbook than the pictures and captions. There’s more than the glue and ribbons. There are lives in those pages! Sure, defines a scrapbook as “an album in which pictures, newspaper clippings, etc., may be pasted or mounted.” But I’ve never met a scrapper who defined a scrapbook as such. It’s a history, complete with words, snapshots, ideas and memories. It’s a definition unto itself – are we not illustrating our take on things by the very way we scrap? Are we not projecting and injecting? Of course we are. So, while I’ll continue to enjoy scrapbooking blogs with little more than scrappy eye-candy, I think I’ll find myself following Angie Lucas and other ‘big picture’ scrappers a little more closely. After all…the best layout in the world is nothing without the story. :)

P.S. I know I break A LOT of writing rules, but an English teacher once told me that once you learn the rules, you’re allowed to break them. I spent a lot of time and money in college learning the rules. I’m soooo breaking ‘em!