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Organize your Digital Photos

Resolve to be a bit more organized in the New Year.  That means keeping your digital photographs in a neat and orderly fashion.  After all, cameras with film have been taken over by digital ones.  There’s no more need to go sifting through envelopes and shoeboxes to look for the pictures you want.  These days, you’ll be clicking through digital photo files on the computer to find that perfect picture.  When you organize your digital photos effectively, you can find the ones you want in no time.  This will make it much easier to print them out to use in photo albums or scrapbooks from Store Photos.

Stay organized on your computer

Stay organized on your computer

  • Create a new folder in the My Pictures section on your computer.  It’s easiest to make a new folder for each year.
  • Add folders within your new yearly folder for different occasions and events.  Rename these new folders with the tit le and date of the event.  For instance, you might have a folder named “Jane’s birthday, March 15.”
  • Upload the pictures from your digital camera.  Save the pictures you want to keep in the appropriate event folders.
  • Create new folders each time you take pictures at different events.  When a new year begins, be sure to add a new folder for that year into My Pictures.

This will help you keep all of your digital photos organized!  When you are looking for that perfect shot, you’ll be able to find it.