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The Dreaded Red Eye

We know you hate it.  It’s the dreaded red eye in your pictures.  You’ve probably noticed that red eye only appears in pictures taken using a flash.  So, simply put, it’s the flash in a camera that causes red eye.  But how can you prevent it?  Everyone here at Store Photos wants you to learn a little bit about this phenomenon.  And then we can talk about how to fix it.

No red eyes here!

No red eyes here!

People have a curved plate that covers the back of their eyeballs—it’s called the retina.  When a flash on a camera goes off, the bright white light travels into the eye and bounces off the retina and back into the lens of the camera.

But that’s not all that happens.  After all, that doesn’t explain what makes your eyes red, does it?  While the light is inside your eye, it travels through many tiny blood vessels.  And that’s how the light turns red before it leaves your eye.

It takes the powerful flash bulb of a camera to cause this effect.  The simplest way to avoid red eye is to take away the flash.  If it’s possible, try to avoid needless camera flashes.  Professional cameras don’t usually create red eye because their flash is far away from the camera lens.  Consider an external flash if you take a lot of portrait shots.

Of course, you don’t have to worry much about red eye in pictures if you have a red eye remover pen from Store Photos.  So we say, flash away!