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Tips for a Better Pet Portrait

dog with heart on nose

Thinking of giving your sweetie a portrait of his or her pet this Valentine’s Day? Then be sure to use these quick and easy photo tips to ensure that you get the right shot to celebrate the occasion with:

1.)Start out by getting down to eye level with your pet. This should make the pet more comfortable, plus, it’ll give you a better photo.

2.)Next, consider using natural light since it’ll create a better look and feel in the picture. Try positioning your loved one’s pet near a window (covered by a sheer) with sunlight streaming in. Just be careful you don’t overexpose or get too much glare. The focus should stay on the pet.

3.)Clean up your photo by making sure the pet is well-groomed and by tidying up the spot where you want to take your photo. Remove any clutter and ensure that both the space and the pet are looking their best.

4.)Whether tilting their heads or perking up their ears, bringing out emotion in pets helps to make a photo spectacular. Watch for moments when they may give some expression. Make sounds or try talking to them to get a reaction.