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Gifts for Grandparents: Photo Shoot Day!

scrapbooking gift for grandparents

Looking for the perfect gift for grandma and grandpa? Why not give them a gift that they’ll remember and treasure for years. Set up a special photo shoot for Grandma and Grandma with their favorite grandkids!

Before you start shopping around, calling local photographers, you should make a few important decisions about this very special shoot:

  • Decide how many people you want at the shoot. You can go with just your children, or invite the extended family and have all the cousins in the shoot for a really memorable day.
  • Pick out matching outfits! For a uniform and classy look, have everyone dress in black and white, or something simple that everyone will have in their closets.
  • Do you want to bring props along or maybe a family pet? These can be sweet touches to the photos.

For a really special touch, create a special scrapbook to hold all the photos from the shoot. The whole family will enjoy a great day of photos together, and have the photos to share years later.