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A Sweet Scrapbook for Your Valentine

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What are you doing to prepare for the occasion?

Chances are, if you’re like most people, you’re probably going to try to wait until the last minute to find the right gift for your sweetheart, however, if you’re smart, you can actually start working on that gift today! At, we have a ton of great supplies for making your valentine a memorable scrapbook that captures all of those special moments you’ve shared together.

Romantic Scrapbooks

From that trip you both took last summer to the day he said, “I love you,” the moments that you and that special someone have shared can be captured beautifully in your photo collection. Once you’ve got all of your photos, using one of our beautiful, romantic scrapbooks to create a gift your Valentine will be sure to love. Fill it up with your favorite photos of you and your sweetie together, as well as little love notes that can bring a smile and warm the heart.

Gorgeous Embellishments

Next, spice up your pages by adding stunning embellishments that add personality to your scrapbook. Include stickers, ticket stubs from your first date, pressed flowers from a bouquet, or other special scraps that help to capture what your romance is all about.

Perfect Presentation

Finally, top off the entire gift by wrapping it up beautifully and gifting it on Valentine’s Day. Consider including a disposable camera that you and your sweetie can use on Valentine’s Day to make even more memories to add to your scrapbook.