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Smile for the Camera: A Scrapbook of Smiles!

“1, 2, 3, Smile!” It’s one of the oldest set ups in the book. Most photos you take are going to have big smiling faces in them. There’s probably dozens of gap toothed smiles, smirks… you name it. That’s why we thought it’d be amazing to get an album of just smiles!

Bright colors brighten the day just like any smile will!

Bright colors brighten the day just like any smile will!

How to Make your ‘Scrapbook of Smiles’

  • Take only photos of smiling faces. Any type of smile works. It can be a smirk, grin, mid laugh—any level of smile.
  • Find a really brightly colored photo album or scrapbook – one able to hold all that cheer.
  • Fill the album with all the biggest, toothiest grins.
  • Decorate with smiley stickers, smiley backgrounds, and lots of happy embellishments.
  • Make a note of what was making everyone smile in the scrapbook!

Every time you’re feeling down or just need to see a happy face you can go back to your ‘Scrapbook of Smiles.’ A smile can be all you need to brighten your day!

Recreate that Wedding Photo Magic for your Anniversary!

wedding frame albums

When the blossoms first burst forth and grass has turned green, many brides start to recall their own springtime weddings. Recreate that wedding magic by setting up a photo shoot once more with your now-husband.

Here’s a few ideas for your anniversary shoot:

  • Revisit the original location of your wedding portraits or engagement photos to mark where your relationship has come from.
  • Your relationship has obviously grown. New places, like your home together may have a special meaning for you. Take photos there to mark the importance you have together there.
  • Surprise your loved one with an anniversary photo shoot revisiting where you exchanged your wedding vows. You can even take the opportunity to renew those vows once more!

When was the last time the two of you had your pictures done together? Reset that wedding shoot magic by getting anniversary pictures done and having a loving new set of photos to scrapbook. Put your anniversary photos in the front of a frame photo album to start off a series of new memories as a happy couple.

Take Great Engagement Photos

With wedding season nearly upon us, it might be time to think about those engagement photo sessions.  When you have the perfect photo session, you want to remember it for years.  With the Pioneer Photo Albums from Store Photos, you can keep those memories together forever.  But you need to make sure that you get great photos first!

great engagement photos

Here are some tips:

  • Bold colors, unique ideas, and fun themes can help represent you as a couple.  After all, you want to look back at these pictures 30 years from now and see a reflection of your life together.
  • Try using tons of props!  It’s an easy way to become comfortable in front of the camera, too.  We’ve all had moments where we’ve wondered what to do with our hands in a picture… and if you use props, that gets a lot easier.  Think about bicycles, parasols, balloons, hats, etc.
  • Showcase a hobby that the two of you share.  You can even include some exciting action shots.  Skiing, dancing, boating, and playing board games are some fun ideas.  Let the photographer shoot you and your fiancé in your element—try not to pose.
  • Adding effects of colors is interesting and appealing, as well.  Photo editing software can help you achieve this.  Make the photos sepia toned, black and white, or fuzzy around the edges.  Have fun!

You can create a truly memorable engagement album.

Memory Quotes for Scrapbooks

When you’re putting a scrapbook together, it’s always nice to have a few quotes to go along with the pictures and embellishments.  Here at Store Photos, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite quotes about memories.  We’re sure you’ll find some inspiration in these little gems.  Hope you enjoy!

Look back on where you've been

Look back on where you've been

“A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.” – Charlotte Davis Kasl

“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.” – Honore de Balzac

“A whole stack of memories never equal one little hope.” – Charles M. Schulz

“Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.” – Saul Bellow

“I acknowledge the privilege of being alive in a human body at this moment, endowed with senses, memories, emotions, thoughts, and the space of mind in its wisdom aspect.” – Alex Grey

“I have a lot of great memories, but I can’t imagine anything more exciting than the life I have now.” – Rob Lowe

“I have lots of favourite memories but I can’t say that I have a favourite film.” – John Hurt

We hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane.  If you’re inspired, grab some photo supplies and begin putting your memories together!

Holiday Photos

holiday photos storephotos.comGetting your family together for a holiday photos isn’t always easy.  There are so many things that your family might complain about—whether it’s the obligatory holiday sweaters or the awkward poses.  Holiday photos aren’t the most fun, but you can make it better with some of these tips from Store Photos.  This is the year for the holiday photo you’ve always dreamed of.  Just imagine the beautiful scrapbooks you can make!

Then and Now

Family photos have always been awkward, and now is the perfect time to look back.  You can recreate old childhood photos.  If you’ve got siblings, we’re sure you’ve taken many pictures together.  Get some old childhood Christmas pictures, and do the same poses.  It’ll be funny because you’re older now!

Ugly Sweaters

It’s one thing to be forced to wear ugly holiday sweaters as a kid.  It’s another thing altogether to willingly put them on as adults.  This is something fun to do with friends.  So grab three of your closest friends, the craziest holiday sweaters you can find, and get cracking.

Put a Fresh Twist on It

You’re not into the holiday sweaters?  Fine.  Wear Hawaiian shirts instead!  Or you can do something Brady Bunch style.  Shoot an individual picture of everyone in the family.  It’s fun to have your photos interact!

What are your fun holiday photo ideas?

Better Conversation Week at Store Photos

It’s Better Conversation Week, and we think that’s a great way to kick off the few days before Thanksgiving.  After all, by the time Thursday rolls around you want to be able to celebrate with your friends and family.  Take the time to talk to one another and catch up on some old memories.  There’s no better way to get the conversation going than with the scrapbooks you have made and collected over the years.  Use them as conversation starters during Better Conversation Week.  Who knows?  It just might make Thanksgiving a little bit brighter.

These girls know how to hold a conversation!

These girls know how to hold a conversation!

Some Good Conversation Tips

  • Make sure you’re genuinely interested in what the other parties have to say.  Showing your interest is one of the best ways to keep the conversation flowing and keep both people comfortable.
  • With that said, you should also try to make the other person in your conversation feel as comfortable as you are.  Pay attention to your body language.  If you are talking with a family member over the pages of a scrapbook, make sure you both have the space to see the pages.
  • Listen to what the other person has to say.  Good conversation isn’t just one sided.  There should be even flow of words and ideas between the two of you.  So try to share the limelight!

These good conversation tips will make Better Conversation Week and Thanksgiving much happier occasions!  Enjoy your conversations over the pages of our scrapbooks.

Thanksgiving Photo Collage

thanksgiving scrapbook

Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be confined to books.  For Thanksgiving, why not make a fun scrapbooked collage as a decoration?  Then when the holidays are over, it can go into a scrapbook and become a special part of the family’s memories.

Get everyone to come up with a few good family photos. Try to collect photos of a similar size, with the faces of the family members about the size of a quarter.  This will help to keep everything uniform. See if relatives in other parts of the world can send photos also. If people don’t want to risk sending precious photographs, they can have a color photocopy made. A color photocopy will work just fine for this project. Even if people send original photos, make a color photocopy of all the photos rather than cutting out the photos themselves.  This will ensure that everyone will get to keep what they sent.

Cut the faces out of the photos, and arrange them in a collage on a large piece of paper.  You can use an adhesive glue stick to hold everything together.  When it is done, put it on or near the table so that everyone has an opportunity to give thanks for the love that your family shares.  What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a great collage?

Did You Get a Scrapbook for Valentine’s Day?

If you were lucky enough to get a gorgeous scrapbook for Valentine’s Day, you can’t just let it sit around empty! This week, take some time to really sit down and work on your scrapbook so that your valentine knows exactly how great a gift he or she chose this year! Start out by making a stop at for some of these scrapbooking essentials:

1. Colored Paper – make sure that your photos and pages pop by getting colored paper to fill in your scrapbook and add pizzazz!

2. Embellishments – these are what make each and every page stand out! Stop by to stock up on some great embellishments for your scrapbook.

3. Craft scissors – make your papers and matting look one-of-a-kind by using craft scissors to add personality to the edges of your paper.

4. Colored pens – give each photo a colorful caption and draw/write in something special on each page by using colored pens.

5. Adhesives – make sure that all of your scraps and photos stay put by using adhesives from They’re acid-free and strong enough to keep your scrapbook together!

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts


Secretaries, administrative support teams, and receptionists are often the unsung heroes in offices around the world. However, to show appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication, celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in your office, which this year will be held on April 22. This special day is a great way to say “thank you” to all of the members of your support team that make each day run smoothly and efficiently. has a great selection of Administrative Professionals Gifts that are perfect for the occasion and can be a great way to express your appreciation for all of their years of service. Our selection of Memory Scrapbooks, photo albums and Photo Accessories make for great gifts for anyone. As something special, make a scrapbook of all of your favorite employee events and parties and put together something special for your admin team.

Administrative Professionals Day is right around the corner – are you ready to gift someone special in your office?