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The Family Album

How Are You Going To Save Your Holiday Photos?

Holiday ScrapbookThe Holidays are now over. Your fridge is filled with leftovers, the wrapping paper that littered your house is all picked up, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief that everything went off without a hitch. However, with the holidays ‘wrapping up’, there is a new project left that you must attend to – organizing all those holiday photos!

Don’t fret, this project can be done from the warm comfort of your own home, and doesn’t require you to venture into the centers of consumer madness that you’ve come to hate during these past few hectic weeks! All you need to do is gather all the Holiday pictures, find a cozy spot in your home to get settled, and get to work. Oh wait! You’re going to need Photo Albums, Scrapbooks and Scrapbooking Supplies as well. Here’s a short list of what could be useful when organizing your Holiday memories.

- First you have to find the right organizer. If you have a have a ton of photos, it may be easier to make a Photo Album than try to sort through which ones would be absolutely best for a Scrapbook. Organizing your pictures in a photo album instead of a scrapbook can still produce a uniquely beautiful story – it’s all about arrangement!

- If you go the route of a photo album, you’ll need to find the perfect one to fit your needs. If you want to make a traditional Photo Album with only pictures, you should choose one that will give you enough space to neatly organize your photos without being left with many empty picture sleeves. A little planning goes a long way toward a full and clean-looking album!

- If you’re planning to make a Scrapbook, you will be looking at a little more work, but a lot more room for creative input! Start by gathering as much holiday flare, ribbons, wrapping paper scraps, cards, etc, as possible and choose a layout that would best display your holiday photos. Each photo should have a theme all to itself. So if you have a picture of your child opening a gift, include on the page a piece of wrapping paper or bow from the gift in the photo. Do this with each page and your scrapbook will be a hit!

Now that you’ve finished this little project, you can kick back and relax. Until you begin New Year’s Eve preparations!

Christmas Scrapbooking

Christmas is a magical time of  year full of happy get-togethers set around a beautiful, snow-covered world!  This time of the year has a fantastic way of bringing people closer together, and can create tender moments that are worth remembering for a lifetime.  A way to  savor these moments forever is to organize them – in a Christmas scrapbook!

A Christmas scrapbook is a special kind of scrapbook that can employ the participation of the whole family in it’s compilation.  To start the scrapbook, you have to give the family a heads-up.   Tell each member to bring as many old holiday photos and cards as they can find to the next family function.  Sift through  the photos of past Christmases with your family – these photos can make up the first pages of your scrapbook!

After laying out the beginning of the scrapbook, be sure to take many photos throughout the Christmas season.  These photos will make up the bulk of your Christmas scrapbook.  Once the season is over, you can compile these photos, along with all the Christmas cards you receive, to fill the remaining pages.

Be sure to get a Large 12×15 Scrapbook so you have plenty of space to be creative.  Most of all, have fun with this by keeping the whole family in the creative process.  It’s not only a good way to remember the holidays, but it could really bring family and friends closer together during this magical time of the year.

Father and Son

Father and Son

The first friendship a little boy has in life is the one he has with his dad.  Dad is always there to play ball, talk about sports, and give advice and life lessons that the boy will carry with him for many years.

A boy’s father is usually the first model for a boy to follow.  Dad can’t go anywhere without little junior following!  Sons mimic the way their dads brush their teeth, comb their hair, and eventually the way they shave – even though this could be a slightly painful impersonation!  Granted, after some time, the boy becomes a young man and begins to make his own decisions. But this individuality is all based on what he saw in his dad.

Dads deserve a lot of credit when it comes to raising their sons.  I could agree that a boy who doesn’t have a dad will grow up just fine, but a dad is something to be treasured when you have one.  Remind yourself of this everyday.  Put together a Scrapbook or Photo Album of all the good times you have with your father throughout the years.  And make one for him, too – so he can hold onto the memories he had over the years with his son. Read the rest of this entry »

My Baby Pictures? Bring Them On!

Some people may consider me crazy, but I have never cringed when the old photo albums were dusted off and cracked open for company. I love pictures – even pictures of me in footed pajamas on Christmas morning leaning against the kitchen door singing into my new Michael Jackson microphone. And pictures of a sunburned me on vacation in Disney World shaking the sand from my Minnie Mouse purse. And pictures of me shortly after I cut my hair with animal-shaped safety scissors that will indeed cut if you try and try again!

Photo Albums

But before you think I only like pictures of myself, let me add that I adore pictures of my friends and family – especially the ones taken before I was born. Being the youngest of three children, much of what I know about my siblings’ childhood is from pictures. And much of what I know is they were an interestingly dressed duo! There was once a world full of bell-bottomed corduroys and baby blue tee-shirts, and without pictures, it would be a fairy tale to me.

Photo Albums do more than capture a moment. They capture a whole era. They help little sisters understand what came before them, and they help build a visual timeline of where we’ve been, and how important every second is.

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