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The Family Album

Reasons to Scrapbook

For those tempted to dive into the fun world of scrapbooking, there are endless reasons why you should start. It’s rewarding to be able to look at a finished project that you can enjoy yourself and share with others. Below are five reasons why you should start scrap booking today!

  1. Scrapbooking allows you to connect with others. Whether it be attending classes or getting together with friends to scrapbook together, it offers interaction with others that have similar interests.
  2. It brings smiles across family and friends faces as you look back at pictures from the past and reminisce. Enjoy looking through your scrapbooks when someone is feeling down to brighten the day.
  3. Scrapbooking allows you to reflect that your life is art. You remember past moments and feelings in old snapshots.  These photos are just another one of the beautiful, artistic creations you’ve made to capture those feelings.
  4. Time spent scrapbooking honors the experiences of people who make up your life. You find yourself enjoying the present moment to the fullest and time spent in reflection.
  5. Any scrapbook is a treasured gift. Whether you hang on to your own work, or give one of your works as a gift, you know it’s filled with pieces of emotions and memories that can be cherished by any.

These are just a few reasons why you should start scrapbooking – so get out all your old photos and go for it, but most importantly, have fun!

Fall Photography Tips

Fall Fruit

Venture outdoors to explore and capture the gorgeous fall colors the season has to offer. The vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow can create amazing photographs. This fall, maximize your photography skills with these tips to make your snapshots shine!

-The best time of the day to photograph in the fall is early morning or late afternoon. The shadows and light during these times of the day provide depth to your photos.

-Don’t be fooled by overcast days. Grey and slightly gloomy days allow for fall colors to truly pop in your photos.

-Windy day? Try out different shutter speeds and use a tripod to experiment with pictures that capture motions from the breeze or light wind. Moving leaves and blurred effects can be unique.

-Indulge in contrasts by including opposing colors. Bright fall foliage will look even brighter when photographed next to a dark landscape or building.

-Water reflection on a pond, lake or stream are best captured early morning when the light is slowing rising. It’s best to focus on a focal point to allow for a clear reflection.

Some of the most beautiful pictures are taken during the rall. Experiment with different lenses and shutter speeds to give an element of uniqueness to your photos.

Photography Tips: Sunrise and Sunset


Taking photos at some of the most beautiful times of day can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to get a good landscape shot. To help you through photographing sunrise and sunset, here are a few great tips from

-Autumn has a lot of really great sunrises. Purple and pink skies will contrast beautifully with the bold autumn leaves when you watch sunrise from start to finish. But remember, if you’re taking early morning photos, be careful about your light. To get the full impact of all of the colors, try adjusting your settings. If you use a more advanced digital camera, turn down the exposure a few notches to get more dimension.

-Once the sun is in plain sight, you have to be careful of flare. Try using your hat or hand to block out flare or take your photo from a shady spot. If you use a camera with a larger lens, there are always lens hoods that you can use to prevent flare from ruining your picture.

-When shooting either at sunrise or sunset, try putting the horizon off center. This adds a deeper look to your picture and can make the shot look more interesting.

-Pay attention to the clouds. The more clouds there are – without completely covering the sky – the more dynamic the colors will be.

-At sunset, try moving to a higher elevation to get a broader view of the landscape and colors to really capture that moment.

Salvage an Old Photo Album

photo albums

Times change, along with fashions, color motifs, and of course, photo albums. If you’ve just uncovered a hideously covered album that has all of your favorite memories stored, you can still save this creation without having to remove, transfer, and reorganize all of your family photos. To do it, all you need is that dingy old album, some glue, some scissors, and a great piece of fabric.

To start out with, cut the piece of fabric like you were going wrap a present with it, leaving a few inches on all sides so that they can be folded over onto the inside of the covers. Next, lay the photo album out open, with the cover facing the back of the fabric. Then, using the glue, attach the fabric to the cover, being careful to fold the fabric tightly around it, just like a book cover. Be sure to add enough glue to keep the fabric from pulling or forming bubbles and wrinkles. No glue on hand? A varnish can work just as well. At the corners of the album, fold the fabric so that it wraps neatly around the corner and add glue to secure it. To keep the fold in place, use a binder clip to hold over the fold as it dries.

Once the fabric has set and dried, feel free to personalize your album cover with patches, buttons, ribbons, or other fun and affordable embellishments. Remember, you can change this style at any time!

School Time Memory Scrapbooks for Your Child


The first day of school can be scary, but it can also be exciting too! From meeting new friends to taking the first steps toward growing up, the first day of school is a big event and one that you really want to treasure for a lifetime. This August, as you prepare your child with all of the school supplies he or she needs to get started, be sure that you take the time to prepare yourself by creating a school time Memory Scrapbook from These scrapbooks can be a great way to capture the excitement of the first day while keeping your memories neat and organized for many years to come. Designed to preserve your memories for a lifetime using top quality materials that are free from lignin, acid, and PVC, the scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies from are the perfect way to create a back to school scrapbook for your child. Just think, it’ll be time to graduate before you know it! Be sure that you’re prepared and have something to share with your child has he or she take the next big step. Create a school time memory scrapbook for your child today.

Father’s Day Albums Capture the Magic

Playing with Daddy

Do you remember what it was like to have Dad sit you down on his knee to tell stories? How about that time that you went on that crazy summer vacation? Or maybe even the fond thoughts about birthday parties and holiday celebrations of the past.

Memories come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure – Dads are a special part of your history. In just a few weeks, Father’s Day will be here and it’s important to honor and celebrate the love and magic of fatherhood by gifting Dad with something special. Instead of getting him another card or a less than stylish tie, choose one of the Father’s Day Photo Albums from Able to be filled with family memories from years past, these archival quality photo albums are the perfect fit for Father’s Day. Fill it up with pictures of Dad doing the things he loves best, like being a father.

Get your album today at and gift Dad the right way for Father’s Day.

Clever Camera Tricks for Better Photos

Photography can be a great way to capture your favorite memories, but it gets even better when you actually can shoot photos like a pro. By following some of these clever camera tips, you can be sure to make your family photos masterpieces within your favorite Photo Albums.


Read the Manual
It’s really that simple. Your camera manual is the first place to start to learn how to take good pictures. Know how your camera settings work and what settings work best in a certain environment. Shooting on the Auto mode is fine if you’re not camera savvy, though you can notice a big difference in quality once you start to play with the features.

Change Your Orientation
Instead of shooting every photo horizontally, instead opt to take some vertical or tilted shots. These can better capture certain scenes and made for easy to frame, easy to display shots.

Move From the Middle
You can instantly make any photo interesting by not placing your subject in the center of your viewfinder. Instead, imagine there is a tic-tac-toe board on your screen. Now move the object to one of the intersection points on your imaginary grid, lock the focus, then shoot! You’ll get an interesting picture that’s composed well without the hassle.

Pictures and the Infinite Thoughts That They Invite

Family Photos

It’s unfortunate that we pass by some of life’s most glorious sights without stopping to really appreciate their intricacies. Perhaps this is because we access the senses more readily than reason. By themselves, the senses enable only limited impressions. When followed by reason, however, they can lead to profound realizations.

When we sift through photo albums, we tend to react to pictures according to their face value. However, it is only upon further reflection that we can grasp their true essence. Pictures capture moments in time that would be forever gone if not for a quick flip of the camera’s shutter. When we look back on them, we are met not only with the visuals themselves but also the memories with which they are associated. Suddenly, we are revisiting happier times from the past, and our mood is elevated in the present.

So, though they may seem like nothing more than frozen images on a thick sheet of paper, photographs have incredible potential. They allow pleasant thoughts to resurface and inspire us to once again seek the happiness that made us smile so widely in them. Fortunately, at, we have everything you need to optimize your photographic experience. Don’t deny yourself the privilege of pleasant memories; stop by and start creating them today!

Digital Photos: An Easier Way to Conduct a Scavenger Hunt!

We’re all familiar with the popular tradition of the scavenger hunt. It consists of gathering as many items or performing as many tasks from a list as one can, and the first to complete the list wins. However, gathering and transporting these items can be quite trying, but thanks to the advent of digital cameras, scavenger hunts are now much easier.

A few months ago, I did a scavenger hunt with some friends, and we had a massive list. Bringing back physical proof of every item would have been impossible, so instead of requiring the actual items, we decided to simply take a picture of it instead. Not only was this easier, it also made the experience more memorable for all. Now, months later, I am able to look back at this pictures and remember the good times we had.

Throughout our lives, we want to create as many memories as we can. Is there any better way to do so than having a concrete visual so that you never forget them? I think not!

Decorate Your Home With Family Photos

Decorate Your Home with Photos

Family photos are one of the home’s most treasured items. Why not add beauty and value throughout your living space by choosing to decorate with family photos? Here are 4 great ways that you can turn your home into a work of art using your snapshots, a little handy work, and a lot of imagination. Enjoy!

1.In the Hallway
Hallways are like blank canvases, ready to be turned into a masterpiece. To add some flair to your hallway, consider enlarging one of your family photos and have it mounted on canvas to be hung in a unique frame above a small decorative table.

2.In the Living Room
In the living room, adding a coffee table book can make all the difference for your visitors. Instead of an interesting book of photography, consider making a unique Photo Album to set out for guests to view during your next occasion.

3.In the Playroom
Kids will love it when you turn their favorite photographs into a colorful mobile using string, clothespins, a plastic circle, and a whole lot of imagination! Make it with your child for an extra special activity.

4.In the Bedroom
Turn an empty wall into a gallery space by installing several shelves of varying sizes and placing framed photographs, vases, or other decorative items on them to add character and to create ambiance.

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