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The Family Album

How to Change your Scrapbooking Habits

jumbo scrapbooksGenerally there are two types of scrapbookers:

The Studious Scrapbooker

You’re the kind who scrapbooks your photos the ones that other people give you. You might be called the family scrapbooker. Everyone sends you their photos to print and add to the family scrapbook! You take lots of time and care to decorate each and every page.

The Unfinished Scrapbooker

You take photos faster than you can scrapbook. Sometimes it’s a love of photography, or you just have so many things to take photos of. (Parents of young kids, you know what it’s like!) You’ll just be happy for a big  photo album to throw photos into.

It’s no fun when you start out a Studious Scrapbooker and gradually become the Unfinished Scrapbooker. You can try to balance the time for scrapbooking by becoming a Happy Medium Scrapbooker.

The Happy Medium Scrapbooker

A jumbo scrapbook with memo pages, but more room for photos will be just the thing for you. When there’s no time to decorate pages, you can still add that special touch. Set aside time for just one scrapbook a year, possibly a travel scrapbook for all your family trips. (Maybe those summer ones coming up?)

A happy scrapbooker is one with lots of photos, albums and time! How do you balance out the time to scrapbook and time to take photos?

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Get Back to the Roots of Scrapbooking


Did you know that scrapbooking started as a hobby long before the invention of photography? If you count the albums that artists used to collect and preserve pieces of work in, scrapbooking dates as far back as the 1600’s. 

Mark Twain was the inventor of the first “self-pasting” scrapbook in 1872, made of thin strips of glue on pages. Before his scrapbooks you would need to use a scrapbooking glue to paste in all mementos. Photography still wasn’t the focus of scrapbooking until the 1940’s.

As technology progressed in the 1990’s, digital photography gave scrapbookers greater control over picture selection. No longer stuck with just the photos that had been printed, scrapbookers could now pick and choose photos to make better looking scrapbooking page designs.

Another great advantage of technology has been to make scrapbooking supplies became even more accessible and affordable online, like here at

Try getting back to your scrapbooking roots by creating more mementos and souvenirs focused scrapbooking pages. What occasions could you preserve without using photographs?

New Years Eve for the Family

We hope that your Christmas holiday was as wonderful as it could be!  We also hope you took some great pictures so that you can make a nice holiday scrapbook.  As you get ready to count down to 2011, we have a few tips for you to create a fun and family friendly New Years Eve celebration—this will certainly allow for more photo opportunities!

New year's eve ideas

New Years Eve Ideas

  • Invite some other families over for the celebration.  Make sure you tell them to dress up in their best party gear.  This can be pajamas or fun outfits—depending on the theme.
  • Have all of the party decorations on hand for the kids to decorate as the party begins.  Have balloons, streamers, confetti, party hats, etc.
  • If you have older children, they can use iron on decals to make shirts that say “2011” or some other New Year saying.
  • Bake a cake or some cupcakes and let the kids frost them.  You can even stick a candle in and sing Happy Birthday to 2011.
  • Explain what New Years Resolutions are about and have everyone write one down.  These can even be included in a scrapbook later.
  • Toast the New Year with sparkling apple cider.

Happy New Year from!

Make a Family Tree Scrapbook

Genealogy is a great hobby these days, and there’s no better way to show what you’ve learned than with a family tree scrapbook.  Many traditional family trees have names, birth dates, death dates, and locations.  But they also illustrate a series of family lines—showing marriages and offspring.  When you make a family tree scrapbook with the supplies from Store Photos, you can also include pictures, mementos, awards, and other family documents.  It would be a good idea to get your children and grandchildren together to participate.  There’s no better way to learn about your family than WITH your family!

family tree scrapbook

The first thing you need to do is decide how many generations you’d like to trace back and include in your family tree scrapbook.  Then take the time to collect information for each family member you’re going to include in the book—get their names, birth dates, and birth location.  And if it applies, get marriage dates, the number of children, death dates, and burial locations.  It’s a wonderful way to create some history!

You can lay the project out however you’d like.  You don’t necessarily have to go chronologically, either.  Feel free to experiment with layouts.  When you’re working with older documents, it might be a good idea to copy them.  This way you aren’t going to run the risk of ruining something historic.

Most of all, have fun learning about your family history!

Make Outdoor Shots Look Spectacular

When taking shots outside, it can be tough to capture a scene without having a lot of shadow. Luckily, there’s a super simple technique out there that can make outdoor photography during the summer easier than ever. From birthday parties to weddings, you can capture it all – and do it beautifully – by using this great photography tip from

So what’s this magical technique? Well, it is not necessarily magic, but it is something useful. The fill flash mode on your camera helps you take control of your flash so that you can illuminate your subjects the right way. In fill flash mode, the camera exposes for the background first, then adds – or fills in- enough flash to illuminate the subject at the front of the shot. As a result, you get a professional looking photo that’s free of harsh lighting and harsh shadows.

Just don’t forget – most camera flashes only have a range of about 10 feet or less, so you don’t want to stand too far away. Otherwise, this technique won’t work!

5 Easy Photography Tips for Great Family Photos

Family photos are always a favorite keepsake, but when it comes to making a family portrait work, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Here are a few tips to make the most of family photos so that every shot looks its best:

1.) Make sure that you coordinate with your family before you take the picture to determine the look and feel of the shot. Will it be formal? Casual? Goofy? Make sure everyone is on the same page concerning what the photo will look like.

2.) Also coordinate with family on attire. Avoid patterns and overly trendy styles, which can make the photo look dated or can cause the photo to look too busy. Make sure your family feels comfortable but is wearing similar colors to keep the look together.

3.) Get creative about your backdrop. Try going outside to find a nice backdrop for your photo. Just remember to adjust your camera settings if you’re going from indoors to out and vice versa.

4.) Speaking of lighting, be sure that there is plenty of light on your subjects so that there are not too many shadows. If you’re taking the photo outside, make sure everyone isn’t squinting into the sunlight.

5.) Have fun with it! Family portraits can be fun experiences. Do not be afraid to joke around with your family or get creative with the shot to make it work.

Scrapbooking Captures History

Did you know that somewhere between 16 and 25 percent of U.S. households include a scrapbooker? That’s a pretty amazing number, and considering all of the monumental events that have happened over the course of the past decade, it’s no wonder that so many people are referring to the first part of the 2000’s as the “age of scrapbooking.” If you or your family loves to scrapbook, take some time to think about all of the things you’ve put into your books over the past few years. You’re not just capturing those family memories; you’re also cataloging history.

For historians, scrapbooks are a wonderful tool to keep history alive and within reach. If you or someone you love is a history buff, encourage even more scrapbooking of life’s special moments. Years later, when you look back, you and your loved ones can enjoy a glimpse back in time, not to mention, a peek at all of the history that has taken place since.

Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

The turkey, the trimmings, and family – what could be better? Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that families around the nation enjoy every year, but this Thanksgiving, we want you to do something a little different. Instead of taking mental snapshots of those around the table moments, break out your digital camera and actually take some photos. Capture the dressing of the turkey and your aunt peeling potatoes. Save those memories of naps in the living room and Turkey Day football. Treasure those moments of hugs, smiles, and of course, pumpkin pie.

Once you’ve got the photos, it’s time to load them on your computer or have them developed. From there, you can feel free to create something fabulous, like a Thanksgiving Scrapbook or a treasured family album that can be enjoyed for years to come, or be gifted this holiday season. Just let that creativity run wild!

Also, once you’re finished with all of the turkey and celebrating, you can rest up – and gear up – for some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings! There’s going to be tons of great deals on the net for you to take advantage of, including some fabulous finds and terrific deals at!

So take some time now to enjoy those memories – and Mom’s turkey – this Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Holiday!

DIY Gift Idea #1: A Holiday Scrapbook

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but some people are already thinking about the holidays. If you’ve been having visions of gingerbread and sugarplums, it may be time for you to start thinking about how you’ll complete your holiday shopping list without breaking the bank. Luckily, do-it-yourself gifting is going to be big this year, so feel free to get into the spirit with this lovely gift idea from!

The Holiday Scrapbook

When it comes to family, there’s nothing better than reliving those special memories in photographs. If you have a huge photo collection of shots from the holidays, it may be time for you to get those pictures together and do something really creative with them! Don’t just shove them in an album or a shoe box. Instead, make them really shine by making a holiday scrapbook using the scrapbooking supplies from

Start out by choosing a decorative scrapbook of your choice in a size that fits your photo collection. Think bigger books for more photos. Next, go through your photo collection and choose the best photos that show off the holiday celebration. Try to go for a combination of candids and posed shots to get the best variety.

Once you have your photos, use adhesive to secure the photos to your scrapbook pages. After the glue has dried and your photos are secure, feel free to get creative with ribbons, scraps, embellishments, and other decorative accents that really bring out the holiday spirit. Go for a holiday motif to tie everything together. Finally, personalize your gift by writing in captions, notes to your loved one, and festive holiday quotes that help to make the scrapbook memorable and thoughtful. All that’s left to do now is just wrap it and give it to someone you love!

How’d They Turn Out?

Halloween has come and gone but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t be enjoying some of the fun! If you took a lot of pictures of your children trick-or-treating, or if you spent some time at a costume party or two, there are plenty of photos for you to sort through, scrapbook and enjoy. So we want to know – how’d they turn out?

If you have any fantastic Halloween or fall photos that you took last month, we’d love to see them! From bobbing for apples to fall festivals, costume contests to Halloween parades, we’re sure that there’s a ton of great great events you’ve captured on film this season. So tell us about your experience, the photo, and how you’re making the most of those memories. Remember, each and every photo tells a story. So share yours with us today at!

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