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Don’t Forget – We’re On Twitter!

When looking for some great scrapbooking and photo storage tips, where can you turn to? Sure, you ask your friends and family for ideas, but what about suggestions on where to find some great products by Pioneer? Ways to make the most of your albums? Tips and tricks for creating brilliant scrapbook layouts?

Well, for starters, you’re on the blog, which means you’ve already found some great information on how to make the most of your memories. But if you want to take things a step further and keep up to date on all of the best Pioneer photo albums and scrapbooks, scrapbooking tips, and so much more, well, then you’ll head right to Twitter to stay caught up! and our sister site,, are proud to be a presence on Twitter and we’re here to share our tips and expertise in memory making while answering all of your scrapbooking and photo questions. Check us out, give us a follow, and participate  in our community. We’d love to hear from you!

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Don’t Forget – We’re on Facebook!


One of the best parts about the scrapbooking community is just that. Community. We’re a close knit group and we love to scrapbook, catalog, and photograph all of life’s special moments. So why should the connection and conversation stop after you put together an album?

At, our blog is just one way to keep in touch with us and connect with other scrapbookers, converse with photo lovers, and share some great tips, but if you want to take the conversation even further, then it’s time to head to Facebook.

Our Facebook page is a great place for you to leave your ideas for blog posts or product offerings, not to mention, interact and share tips with other photo lovers and scrapbookers. You’ll also be able to ask us questions, get feedback on that great new scrapbook layout you’ve been working on, and so much more!

If you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to add us and be part of our community!

From Us to You: Happy Holidays!

They’re finally here! The holidays are in full swing and you’re probably spending most of your time now worrying about the wrapping, the visits, the celebrations, and of course, capturing those family memories! This holiday season, break out the camera, take some pictures, and put them all together in a beautiful album to enjoy for many years to come. This is the best gift you can give to yourself and to your loved ones this holiday season.

Speaking of the holidays, we’d like to wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season! Enjoy some delicious Christmas cookies for us and remember to make this holiday count. Make the memories last forever by taking snapshots of all of your celebrations.

Have a wonderful holiday!


The Staff at

Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

The turkey, the trimmings, and family – what could be better? Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that families around the nation enjoy every year, but this Thanksgiving, we want you to do something a little different. Instead of taking mental snapshots of those around the table moments, break out your digital camera and actually take some photos. Capture the dressing of the turkey and your aunt peeling potatoes. Save those memories of naps in the living room and Turkey Day football. Treasure those moments of hugs, smiles, and of course, pumpkin pie.

Once you’ve got the photos, it’s time to load them on your computer or have them developed. From there, you can feel free to create something fabulous, like a Thanksgiving Scrapbook or a treasured family album that can be enjoyed for years to come, or be gifted this holiday season. Just let that creativity run wild!

Also, once you’re finished with all of the turkey and celebrating, you can rest up – and gear up – for some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings! There’s going to be tons of great deals on the net for you to take advantage of, including some fabulous finds and terrific deals at!

So take some time now to enjoy those memories – and Mom’s turkey – this Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Holiday!

The End of Kodachrome


You probably know the Paul Simon song, but it’s the real deal camera film that will be coming to an end. On Monday, Kodak announced that it has shopped making Kodachrome, it’s oldest color film, that has a rich 74 years history. The cause is attributed to the rise in digital photos with Kodak making about 70% of it’s revenue from pixels, not prints.

Kodachrome film might have been one of the slower film, but it delivered a warm, rich tone to each and every photograph. Not to mention it was favored by many film producers. Even the Abraham Zapruder 8 mm reel of Kennedy’s assassination was shot on Kodachrome. This film was more than just something to print on – it was part of our daily life. It captured photos for National Geographic. It held your Christmas morning. It preserved your wedding day.

Photojournalist Steve McCurry’s portrait of an Afghan refugee girl, shot on Kodachrome, appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. At Kodak’s request, McCurry will shoot one of the last rolls of Kodachrome and donate the images to the George Eastman House museum, named for the Kodak’s founder, in Rochester, NY.

We’ll still have the song, but the world will be a little less colorful without Kodachrome.

Check Out Our New Ning Page.

At, we’re always looking for new ways to share our love of preserving memories with you!  With our new page at StorePhotos.Ning.Com – we will be able to share photos, links to scrapbook and photo album supplies, and a forum for you to ask questions and share ideas with us and other people who enjoy the wonderful world of photography.

So be sure to stop by and check us out on!

Here Today…Gone Tomorrow!

Some things in life don’t last forever. These would include apple pie, the baseball season, kids staying young, and these Closeout Items on Now, if we could just add taxes to the list!

If you are looking to buy some cute Photo Albums, sneak a peek at these clearance items. For example, this photo album filled with pictures of your family would be a perfect gift for Grandma, and this very elegant Sewn Leatherette Tree Photo Album would be great to store your favorite photos. These are ideal for displaying on your coffee table or mantel!

Scrapbooks, Scrapbooks, Scrapbooks!!!! Here at we have a large collection of scrapbooks for you to choose from, but these Closeout Scrapbooks are not going to be here for too long. If you like what you see, act fast! Our beautiful Tan Silk Snapload Scrapbook and Faux Suede Memories Strap Scrapbook make great treats for you, or perfect presents for friends and family.

We also have some great Photo Boxes in our closeout section. These are great for organizing photographs for later scrapbooking, or just storing items that are cluttering your house.

If you’re a wine fanatic, we have the perfect storage case. The Wine Bottle Storage Case is great for holding onto a special bottle from your wedding, your child’s graduation, or just because!

Welcome to the Blog at!

We proudly offer photo albums, scrapbooks and supplies from the best name in the business, Pioneer. Whether your love leather albums, or swear by stripes, Pioneer has the style, size and price to suit everyone.

Pioneer albums and supplies are completely archival safe, and durable and attractive enough to leave out on the coffee table for everyone to enjoy. We know your pictures are more than paper to you – they are memories! offers products that enhance and protect your treasured photos, and we hope you will soon consider us a part of your family.

Check back for product information, updates and news. And let us know how our albums have helped you get your photos organized, or what pictures mean to you. We hope you’ll use our Blog to share ideas with other album makers, and offer fun tips and advice for the budding photographers of this wonderful, photo-worthy world! Thanks for stopping by, and keep clicking!