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Seasonal Scrapbooks

How to Change your Scrapbooking Habits

jumbo scrapbooksGenerally there are two types of scrapbookers:

The Studious Scrapbooker

You’re the kind who scrapbooks your photos the ones that other people give you. You might be called the family scrapbooker. Everyone sends you their photos to print and add to the family scrapbook! You take lots of time and care to decorate each and every page.

The Unfinished Scrapbooker

You take photos faster than you can scrapbook. Sometimes it’s a love of photography, or you just have so many things to take photos of. (Parents of young kids, you know what it’s like!) You’ll just be happy for a big  photo album to throw photos into.

It’s no fun when you start out a Studious Scrapbooker and gradually become the Unfinished Scrapbooker. You can try to balance the time for scrapbooking by becoming a Happy Medium Scrapbooker.

The Happy Medium Scrapbooker

A jumbo scrapbook with memo pages, but more room for photos will be just the thing for you. When there’s no time to decorate pages, you can still add that special touch. Set aside time for just one scrapbook a year, possibly a travel scrapbook for all your family trips. (Maybe those summer ones coming up?)

A happy scrapbooker is one with lots of photos, albums and time! How do you balance out the time to scrapbook and time to take photos?

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Take Beautiful Pictures of Flowers this Spring

Spring weather is popping up across the country, and the flowers will soon be in bloom. If you’re an avid photographer and scrapbooker, you should consider taking pictures of the flowers to enhance your scrapbooking projects.  Beautiful flower pictures can look wonderful next to pictures of friends, family, and events.  Here at Store Photos, we have a few tips to help you take gorgeous pictures of flowers this spring.  It’s time to tap into your creative side and step out of the box a little bit.  You can take many interesting pictures of flowers.

Take gorgeous flower pictures

Take gorgeous flower pictures

  • It’s interesting to explore different angles of the flower.  Try finding a nice side view of the flower.  Even better, try lying on the ground and pointing your camera back up at the flower.
  • You can get under the flower and position the sun directly behind the bloom.  This is a great way to achieve interesting glows, flares, and sunbursts with the light.
  • Have you ever thought about carrying a spray bottle around with you?  Lightly spray water onto flower petals to create a sense of dew or rain water droplets.
  • Try grouping different colors together, also.

When you’re ready to put your springtime scrapbook together, you can get everything you need right here at Store Photos.  From the photo albums to the refill pages, we’ve got you covered.

Taking Great Pictures in the Snow

With winter in full blast, you might be thinking about creating a scrapbook based on the gorgeous snow and scenery around you.  Taking pictures in the snow can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be difficult due to the brightness.  Here at Store Photos, we want you to have the best pictures you possibly can.  That’s why we have a few tips to help you take beautiful pictures in the cold and snow.

Take great pictures in the snow!

Take great pictures in the snow!

  • The cold weather can make your camera shutter a bit sluggish.  In between pictures, keep your camera under your jacket so the shutter and batteries stay warm. This will make taking pictures easier.
  • Adjust your camera settings to compensate for the bright snow. You’ll need to compensate by over-exposing the shot by letting more light into your camera.  The sun reflects off of the snow, so you have to make sure to minimize that effect in your pictures.
  • Find a good focal point.  You want to focus on something more than just the snow.  Look for a tree, fence post, or bush to highlight the snow around it.  This will make your photos more interesting.
  • Sled tracks, footprints, and snow drifts make interesting focal points, too.
  • Look for bright colors to include in the photo.  A red cardinal, a person in a brightly colored scarf, or an interesting piece of architecture can add some contrast to the photo.

Have fun getting out there and snapping some photos in the snow!  When you have all the photos you want, look to Store Photos for the right photo album.

Christmas Scrapbooking Quotes

If you’re trying to put together a scrapbook for the Christmas season, you need to have a little bit more than pictures.  We have the scrapbooking supplies you need here at Store Photos—but you still need to provide the creativity!  With some great Christmas quotes, you can make a holiday scrapbook that everyone will remember.  Here are some of our favorites:

Bring your pictures to life in a scrapbook!

Bring your pictures to life in a scrapbook!

  • “Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” –Dr. Seuss
  • “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” –Charles Dickens
  • “There is no greater gift at Christmas than to have everything you want before you open the gifts.” –Flavia
  • “Giving presents is a talent: to know what a person wants, to know when and how to get it, and to give it lovingly and well.” –Pamela Glenconner
  • “Love’s the thing. The rest is tinsel.” –Pam Brown
  • “May the magic of Christmas warm your heart.” –Unknown
  • “Save Santa a trip: be naughty.” –Unknown (oh boy!)
  • “There seems a magic in the very name of Christmas!” –Unknown
  • “The most vivid memories of Christmases past are usually not of gifts given or received, but of the spirit of love, the special warmth of Christmas worship, the cherished little habits of the home.” –Lois Rand

Merry Christmas from Store Photos!

Celebrate Halloween with a Scrapbook


Happy Halloween!

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins will be hitting your neighborhood tonight to collect some of your favorite treats. If you’re hosting a Halloween party or are planning to take the kids trick or treating tonight, be sure to snap plenty of photos so you can put together a Halloween scrapbook! Unlike other scrapbooks, a Halloween scrapbook has the freedom to be creepy, scary, funny, or just about anything else you’d like! Whether your kids are young and look oh-so-very cute in their costumes or you’re just trying to capture the spookiest memories of the season, has the perfect scrapbook supplies, embellishments, and more to help you put together your Halloween scrapbook.

So tonight, be sure to take lots of photos, scare those spooks, and get into the holiday spirit! We know it’ll be tons of fun!

Scrapbooking and Art Classes?

Scrapbooking is a very creative hobby and if you consider yourself to be an active scrapbooker, chances are that you’ve experimented with other forms of creative expression, but found scrapbooking to be the best fit. Well, it’s time to open up those sketch pads once more. Taking art classes in other mediums can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing when you’re stuck on how to make your scrapbooks pop.

Art classes in printmaking, drawing, painting, graphic design, and even sculpture can challenge you to view the world in a new way while at the same time, boosting your creativity and encouraging you to experiment with different colors, textures, and techniques in scrapbooking. So, if you find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to your scrapbook layouts, consider taking an art class to give yourself an inspirational boost. Who knows? Maybe you’ll create many works of art as a result!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Today  is St. Patrick’s Day and you know what that means: it’s time to scrapbook the celebration! If you’re Irish or just Irish at heart, you’ll love these tips on how to make your St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook come alive:

1.) A green scrapbook is the perfect base to create a dazzling St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook that’s sure to capture the spirit of the day. carries a great selection

2.) Green paper will add just the right amount of the Emerald Isle to each and every photo. Use the papers to act as a page background, or as a page mat, whichever works best with your creative layout. Create the look of the Irish flag by using a combination of white and orange in your pages as well.

3.) Gold embellishments will lend a little luck to your pages and make each photo feel like it’s the prize at the end of a rainbow. Look for gold coins, pots of gold, or other gold embellishments to give some glimmer to your scrapbook.

Once you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to fill up your St. Patty’s Day scrapbook! Start out by gathering up photos of your local parade, friends and family wearing green, or even those snapshots from when you went to Ireland. Guinness labels, a recipe for Irish soda bread, or other little keepsakes will add the final touch. Mat the photos, paste them in, add embellishments, and you’re done!

Did You Get a Scrapbook for Valentine’s Day?

If you were lucky enough to get a gorgeous scrapbook for Valentine’s Day, you can’t just let it sit around empty! This week, take some time to really sit down and work on your scrapbook so that your valentine knows exactly how great a gift he or she chose this year! Start out by making a stop at for some of these scrapbooking essentials:

1. Colored Paper – make sure that your photos and pages pop by getting colored paper to fill in your scrapbook and add pizzazz!

2. Embellishments – these are what make each and every page stand out! Stop by to stock up on some great embellishments for your scrapbook.

3. Craft scissors – make your papers and matting look one-of-a-kind by using craft scissors to add personality to the edges of your paper.

4. Colored pens – give each photo a colorful caption and draw/write in something special on each page by using colored pens.

5. Adhesives – make sure that all of your scraps and photos stay put by using adhesives from They’re acid-free and strong enough to keep your scrapbook together!

Start Planning Your Vacation Scrapbook

Sure, your summer vacation may be months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start scrapbooking it! In the early stages of planning your trip, you can still enjoy some scrapbooking fun by taking photos of the travel agency where you booked the trip, the friends or family members you’ll be traveling with, or maybe even your airport! Feel free to get creative and include your booking receipts, any brochures the travel agent might have given you, or even an old passport to show that this trip took more than just an idea to go somewhere new. Then, make sure to pick up one of the Vacation Scrapbooks from just to be sure that you’re prepared for your trip, both before and after!

Once you’ve filled in this part of your trip in advance, take the time to wait and actually plan out all of the exciting things you’ll do on vacation. After you’ve reached your destination, feel free to take as many pictures as you’d like, as well as to pick up any scraps, postcards, or tickets that may look great in your travel scrapbook. Also, stock up on some great embellishments to add personality to your pages and don’t forget about finding some adhesive that can help all of your scraps stay in place. By starting now, you can begin getting a look and feel in your scrapbook that could carry through the rest of the pages.

Want a Fun Snow Day Activity? Scrapbook!

Winter is here and it’s probably likely that your child is going to have a snow day sometime soon. Not to worry though – you don’t have to stress out about how you’re going to keep your little one entertained. In fact, you both can take part in a fun and interesting activity that everyone can enjoy, no matter what the weather: scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking is a great snow day activity, especially if you and your child love to make crafts together. Start out by purchasing a Scrapbook Kit or some kid-friendly scrapbooking supplies that you both can use to create a memorable scrapbook that catalogs a special event in your lives. Whether it was this year’s birthday party or last winter’s holiday season, the pictures and pages you’ll both create are sure to make your special event even more memorable. Just remember to get creative with your markers, crayons, embellishments, paints, or even stickers!

Take some time on your next snow day to scrapbook with your child. Trust us – it’ll be so much fun!

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