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Our Friend:

We recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting Nikki, from

Thanks for sharing with us, Nikki!

Thanks for sharing with us, Nikki!

Often times we at are asked, “What all can you do with a scrapbook?” We think that Nikki has provided the online scrapping community with a wonderful resource that answers that question: You can do whatever you want, so long as you love what you do! is a site where you can view and purchase a number of wonderfully original scrapbook paper and embellishments that you can use in your own creations. Nikki has organized a very talented Design Team that all work together to make amazing embellishments, that are all rooted in two core beliefs:

  1. Authentic artistic expressions

  2. Created with love

So if you are looking for a good place to start your scrapbooking project, or a new way to spice up a project that you’ve been working on, make sure to check out If you do visit Nikki, let her know that we sent you! You can also connect with Nikki on her Blog, which she keeps fresh with project ideas and her daily life as an owner of a paper manufacturer, her Twitter, or her Facebook page.

Happy Scrapping!

Our Friends: Crafty Scraps

crafty scraps digital scrapbooking supplies and ideas
Hello readers, we’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting the good people at Crafty Scraps. We asked the owner, Michelle, if she would like to say anything special to our readers. Here is what Michelle had to say:

Hi Everyone, I am Michelle, owner of Crafty Scraps. My goal when I started
Crafty Scraps 3 years ago, was to be affordable so everyone could preserve
their memories in digital scrapbooking. My dream was to showcase the projects I worked on to help inspire others creativity so that our hobby would continue to inspire more and more people. I wanted my followers to always feel a renewed sense of motivation toward their projects each time they visited my site.

I have achieved my goals above and beyond; even my followers have become my
friends. My team and I are here to help everyone, in any way we can, to learn the
art of digital scrapbooking. In the Crafty Scraps Forum, you will find challenges, tutorials and many freebies, both PU/CU.

My blog is always active, giving away something, heading you in a direction
to inspire you to open up that creativity. We keep up on the latest in the
Scrapbooking world so you can spend more time on your own creativity.
I love digital scrapbooking, and the creative time it allows me at the end of the
day. It allows me to forget all my worries and be creative putting memories
on paper, designing and helping friends. Thank you and please come visit!

yeah, write – For Scrappers Who Think The Words Are Kinda Important, Too!

What’s fresh and fun and grammatically correct all over? No, this isn’t a weird English major joke (though I am known for them in certain circles!). It’s yeah, write – a cute and cool scrapbooking blog you totally need to check out! While I do allow myself to get lost in candy-colored blogs with very few words, but oodles of awesome layouts, I found my letter-loving self excited by Angie’s (she’s the lady behind all this bloggy goodness) fever for all things language. (It also never hurts to include pictures on your blog of your ridiculously adorable giant puppeh! See Big Dog in a Little Bathtub if you’re ready for ‘the cutest thing you’ve seen today’ to happen.) But of course this blog isn’t simply a tribute to language – though that would be fine! It’s about life and love and pictures and cameras and books and journals and babies (one of whom is a Super Swaddled Baby!). And Grandpas. And sock contests. Ya know, the basics. :)

yeah, write is a Scrapbooking Blog that takes all the ingredients and mixes them in a big ‘Blog Bowl’. After all, there’s more to a scrapbook than the pictures and captions. There’s more than the glue and ribbons. There are lives in those pages! Sure, defines a scrapbook as “an album in which pictures, newspaper clippings, etc., may be pasted or mounted.” But I’ve never met a scrapper who defined a scrapbook as such. It’s a history, complete with words, snapshots, ideas and memories. It’s a definition unto itself – are we not illustrating our take on things by the very way we scrap? Are we not projecting and injecting? Of course we are. So, while I’ll continue to enjoy scrapbooking blogs with little more than scrappy eye-candy, I think I’ll find myself following Angie Lucas and other ‘big picture’ scrappers a little more closely. After all…the best layout in the world is nothing without the story. :)

P.S. I know I break A LOT of writing rules, but an English teacher once told me that once you learn the rules, you’re allowed to break them. I spent a lot of time and money in college learning the rules. I’m soooo breaking ‘em!

ScrapGurl’s Blog Is Fresh And Fun!

Do you always find yourself following something three years in and trying to catch up? Whether it’s a TV show all your friends love that you haven’t even seen yet, or a band that’s already considered old news that you’ve just heard for the first time, starting the race several laps behind certainly has it’s disadvantages. This is partly why I was so excited to find ScrapGurl’s Scrapbooking Blog – it’s new! But that’s not the best part, of course. I’m not going to suggest you check something out just because it’s new. The best part is that Andrea, the scrapper behind the blog, has wasted no time in jumping into blogging headfirst, so it doesn’t read like a blog on training wheels in the least. The fact that it’s new simply means that I can easily go back from the beginning and see the complete story unfold, which is what I’m hoping you’ll do as well! It also shows me that if her posts are as fun and fresh as they are now in the beginning stages, things are only going to get better.

Andrea is no stranger to fun beyond her writing style. She has a really interactive blog chock full of challenges, with wonderful opportunities to showcase your own work and win great prizes. So from “Manic Mondays” to “Show & Tell Fridays” (there’s a little “Wacky Wednesday” in the middle there – not to be missed!), Andrea brings the scrapping fever to the table. Check her out today to try your creative hand at the Color Blocking Challenge. Happy Scrappin’!