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Gift Ideas

Celebrate Graduation Creatively

Graduation is right around the corner and chances are there’s at least one graduation coming up in your life. From elementary to middle school to college graduations, each marks the end of a significant life event. There’s no better way for students and parents to commemorate their years of accomplishments than with a photo album for the reminiscent grad or scrapbook for those creatively inclined.

It’s important to keep in mind the style of the graduate or parent, and level of graduation. High school and college graduates are looking to have their own style, so a simple cover scrapbook leaves the recipient free to creatively record their memories. From nights at the movies to school dances each deserves it’s special place amongst the pages of a graduates memories. For elementary school graduates, a simple and fun photo album may be the perfect gift for a proud parent to keep and share with other parents or proud grandparents.

Celebrate and congratulate the 2009 graduate in your life. These achievements come by only once, and can be remembered just this once.

Say “I Do” to Engagement Photo Albums

Engagement Ring

For many couples, engagement photos are essential to announcing and celebrating their upcoming wedding day with friends, family, and members of the community. But instead of taking a quick snapshot and sending it to all of the local papers, make an investment in the memories you share in those months before you become man and wife. Making your own Engagement Photo Album or scrapbook can be a great way to treasure the memories as well as provide yourself with photos to last a lifetime.

The first step in creating an engagement album is to hire a photographer or get a loved one to shoot the pictures. Design a themed shoot or just be yourselves around each other to add life and dimension to the photographs. Be sure to be creative in these shots as they will last forever!

Next, check out the selection of Photo Albums from These gorgeous, archival quality photo albums offer the lifelong protection you need for your engagement photos. Not to mention, their beautiful covers make them great for keeping out for frequent display.

Finally, put it all together! Add in photos, your save the date cards, engagement party invitations, or other keepsakes that make you remember how lovely it felt to take those first steps toward becoming man and wife. As a sweet touch, write each other notes and attach them on the front and back inside covers.

Gift Mom with Mother’s Day Scrapbooks and Supplies!

There’s no doubt about it; Moms are special. To gift your mom in a way that is both thoughtful and useful, consider giving her some of the wonderful Scrapbook Supplies from These gorgeous, archival-quality books, tools, and embellishments are great for Moms that love to craft or for frequent scrapbookers looking to replenish their stock. Plus with a wide variety of things to choose from at prices to meet any budget, you can feel free to indulge Mom with some of the best items we have to offer.


Mom doesn’t have to be a scrapbooker either in order to enjoy what has to offer. Instead, take those great supplies and make a scrapbook just for her to enjoy. Fill it up to the brim with old cards, notes, pressed flowers, embellishments, and of course, family photos that celebrate the love and inspiration that your mom has always lent to your life. Trust us, she’s going to love this thoughtful and incredibly personal gift this Mother’s Day.

Bunny Photos For Better Baskets!

Easter Rabbit

Easter is right around the corner and many parents (and Easter Bunnies too!) are preparing for this festive, colorful time of year. As part of an Easter basket for someone special in your life, why not give them something a bit more interesting than some chocolate eggs and instead gift them with a Bunny Photo Album?

Made from just a traditional, colorful Photo Album and filled with pictures of bunnies, this adorable and thoughtful Easter gift is sure to delight anyone, no matter what their age. Fill up the pages with photographs of a pet bunny, bunnies in nature (or at the zoo), and maybe even some great bunny facts! We bet that no one has ever received a creative, fun gift like this before for Easter.

Let get you started by providing you with a lovely Easter Album, ready for you to fill up with adorable snapshots of Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, the Easter Bunny, and all of his friends.

Capture Your Valentines Memories in a Commemorative Photo Album

Happy Valentines Day

The big day is in only a few more days. Are you ready to celebrate with your Valentine? This year, as you prepare and finalize your plans, think about how you want to remember the special day and keep it close your heart for years to come. If your sweetheart is taking you someplace special, or has something exciting planned, bring along your camera and start taking snapshots!

Creating a Valentines Day Photo Album can be a sweet and sentimental way to catalog your romance in a way that can let you look back years from now and remember the excitement in the air, the love you felt, and the surprises that make you smile. Just remember to write in journal entries next to photos to make sure that you capture every little detail of this magical holiday.

Celebrate a love that’s timeless this year! Choose a Valentines Day Photo Album as your keepsake this Valentines Day!

Valentine Gift Idea: A Photo Album to Remember

Couple in Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you found the perfect gift for that special someone?

If not, wants to help you find or create the ideal gift for the loved ones in your life. This Valentine’s Day, step away from the traditional candy, flowers, and cards. Gift someone you love with something that really means something. Make up a romantic photo album! Romantic Photo Albums make for great gifts, especially when you have a ton of fantastic memories captured on film! Chart the growth and progression of your relationship by starting out in the beginning. Your first photo together would make for a great start. Or, if you want to be really creative, get some baby pictures and chart your relationship from infancy!

Be sure to write sweet notes and captions for your sweetie to read as they enjoy the sentimental gift!

Pledge Class Projects

Being part of a sorority can be a defining moment in any college student’s life. You provide civil service to the community through volunteering, you get a cool house to live in, and you form bonds that span generations and last a lifetime. But in order to become part of a sorority, you must become part of a pledge class, which will require you to complete certain tasks, by yourself and with your pledge classmates, to prove your dedication. One of those tasks, which can be the most important, is to complete a pledge class project that will be presented to your older sisters.

The pledge class project could make or break your admittance into the sorority. In many cases you need to work together to accomplish this, and the project you present is for the class to decide. This could lead to many great ideas, but you have to keep in mind that you have a limited time to complete this project and you still have classes to attend. So if you’re stuck on what to do, here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

– Put on a play – If you really want to wow your sorority sisters, you and your sisters can write and act in a play. This wouldn’t take too much time if the work is divided properly. You can divide the class into teams – who could write the play, build the set, and make the costumes. Since time is limited, you all could participate in the production and entertain your sisters.

– Sing a song – Many sororities incorporate original songs and sayings into their mantra. If you and your pledge class create a song that celebrates your sorority’s rich legacy, this song could be incorporated into the sorority’s tradition and sung for years to come.

– Commemorate the sorority’s history – This may take some time, but chronicling your sorority’s history not only helps you learn more about them, but shows how much you care. You’ll need to sift through old photos and make copies of them in order to preserve the originals. You can compile them in a stylish Scrapbook or Photo Album to present to your older sisters.

Secret Santa Gifts for Your Office

This year, you don’t have to dread the Secret Santa exchange at work. Here are a few ideas that can make gift giving at the office easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable this holiday season:

Everybody Loves A Treat

Put simply, who doesn’t love food? Cooking or baking something for your gift exchange could be the perfect way to solve your holiday giving woes. However, before you run off to the kitchen, make sure the person that you are giving to doesn’t have any specific food allergies. This may take some detective work, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Don’t have any time to bake? Try getting them a gift basket or a restaurant gift certificate.

Make Those Memories Last

Photo Albums and picture frames make for fantastic gifts, especially for people who have children. This holiday season, try looking at for some great Secret Santa gifts that your co-workers will love. From photo storage boxes to scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies, has everything you need to shop for someone who enjoys capturing his or her favorite memories.

Bring a Little Green to the Office

Small houseplants are an ideal choice for Secret Santa exchanges. Besides being an appealing gift, house plants also add to the overall beauty and décor of your office space – a welcome change during the barren, cold winter season. Try to choose hardy plants like cacti, rubber tree plants, or lucky bamboo stalks that don’t require a whole lot of care.

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