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Gift Ideas

Easter Gift Ideas: Albums for All Ages

family tree scrapbook

The first real sign of spring comes when Easter has arrived, and everyone is dressed up in bright pinks, blues and yellows! For this happy holiday, find time to give personalized photo gifts to friends and loved ones.  We think these inspirational brag albums make a perfect gift for the Easter season, with touching phrases of faith and love.

There are lots of great ways to gift brag albums, here are few of our favorites:

•    Fill a few of these inspirational brag albums with family photos from last year’s Easter, family holidays, and other photo memories.  Then give them out instead of candy, for a sugar-free gift that will be remembered year round.
•    If you’re making lots of Easter baskets, the inspirational brag books are an affordable stuffer to put in many baskets.  Filling an extra large Easter basket, complete with stuffed animals and chocolates? Check out these cute designer photo albums or designer scrapbooks, the perfect addition to a Easter baskets for older children and adults.

Even if you don’t have the time, these brag albums make great gifts on their own, for people to fill with their own photos. What other way might you gift a brag book?

Gifts for Grandparents: Photo Shoot Day!

scrapbooking gift for grandparents

Looking for the perfect gift for grandma and grandpa? Why not give them a gift that they’ll remember and treasure for years. Set up a special photo shoot for Grandma and Grandma with their favorite grandkids!

Before you start shopping around, calling local photographers, you should make a few important decisions about this very special shoot:

  • Decide how many people you want at the shoot. You can go with just your children, or invite the extended family and have all the cousins in the shoot for a really memorable day.
  • Pick out matching outfits! For a uniform and classy look, have everyone dress in black and white, or something simple that everyone will have in their closets.
  • Do you want to bring props along or maybe a family pet? These can be sweet touches to the photos.

For a really special touch, create a special scrapbook to hold all the photos from the shoot. The whole family will enjoy a great day of photos together, and have the photos to share years later.

Photo Shoots for Couples

Valentine’s Day is on its way, and you might want to show that special someone how much you care by presenting them with a photo album.  Getting a picture taken with your special someone is a great way to celebrate how much you love one another.  There are a few things to consider as you plan the perfect couple’s photo shoot.  Think about settings, apparel, lighting, and other variables.

Get great photos together!

Get great photos together!

A good photo can be a keepsake that you, as a couple, will cherish forever.  Whether it’s an engagement picture or a retirement picture, we all know that a great photo is something you’ll treasure.  That’s why it’s important to get it right.

You can start by looking through catalogs at a local photography studio to get some ideas.  You can talk with other couples and find out what their favorite photo opportunities are.  Talk to your partner—make a list of ideas and types of pictures you want.  Do you want affectionate shots?  Playful photos?  Close-ups?  Silhouettes?  Take the time to plan it out!

Think about what you’re wearing, too.  Choose clothing that is flattering and makes you feel comfortable.  Stick with solid colors, and keep jewelry simple so as not to distract from the photo.

When you’re looking for a background for your photo, think about places that hold positive memories for you as a couple.  Outdoor shots are always fun!  (Be careful, it’s cold out!)  Try your favorite restaurant, a playground, or a kitchen.  The options are endless.

Have fun!

Celebrate Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day Scrapbook

Grandparents are so very special and this year, on Grandparents Day, you have to show them how much you care. But how can you do it? Well, at, we recommend putting together a thoughtful photo album or scrapbook using some of our best scrapbooking supplies and Pioneer albums and scrapbooks.

Designed to keep your memories safe for a lifetime, Pioneer photo albums and scrapbooks store your photos in archive quality so there’s no risk of fading or discoloration. Just add your photos, write in captions, and include embellishments to spice up the pages. It can be that simple to create a gift that grandparents will simply love!

Once you’ve got your supplies from, just add in your favorite photos of you and your family spending time with your grandparents. Include thoughtful quotes or little notes to make each and every page feel unique and special. Then, wrap it all up and gift it to a very deserving set of grandparents. It’s the perfect gift for Grandparents Day!

Celebrate this September 12 with a little help from

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Celebrate Best Friend Day!

Did you know that June 8th is Best Friend Day?

If you’re one of those lucky people that has a best friend who has stuck with you through thick and thin since you were kids, congrats! This day is the perfect way to show your friend just how much you care. Or, if you’re one of those people who has lots of friends or shares the title of best friend with a few, still take the time to honor those special relationships!

You can celebrate Best Friend Day by spending time with your best friend(s), calling an old best friend that you’ve lost touch with, or giving a friendship scrapbook to that special person in your life.

At, we want to help you celebrate Best Friend Day by giving you everything you need to commemorate the occasion. You’ll find friendship scrapbooks to house tons of photos of you and your friend, adhesives to put your scrapbook together, and scrapbook embellishments to add pizazz to every page. Your friend will love this thoughtful gift, plus, you can establish a new tradition in your friendship by getting together every June 8th to create a few new pages in your friendship scrapbook!

Scrapbook a Wedding Gift


Wedding season is in full swing and if you’re looking to gift a special couple in your life with something unique, then consider giving them a scrapbook you’ve crafted with love and care. Filled with photographs, mementos, and keepsakes that commemorate their wedding day or relationship, this thoughtful wedding gift is sure to be a favorite amongst brides and grooms of all types and personalities. Not only will they love seeing their relationship captured in a beautiful keepsake that can be treasured forever, but they’ll also appreciate the time and effort you put into creating such a memorable wedding gift. has everything you need to make a wedding scrapbook as a gift for a couple you love. From a beautiful wedding scrapbook to embellishments and adhesives, we’ve got it all. Shop our selection today and start making a wedding gift for someone you care about. Who knows? Maybe your gift will turn out to be the one that gets brought out at the couple’s 50th anniversary party!

Father’s Day Scrapbooking: Start Thinking of Ideas Now!

fathers day

Before you know it, Father’s Day will be here and that means that it’s time to gift Dad with something special. This year, don’t just give him another card with a gift certificate. Give him something that’s really thoughtful. Make him something that he’ll remember during this Father’s Day and many Father’s Days to come. Gift him with a beautiful Father’s Day scrapbook from

Want to know what goes into this thoughtful gift? Let help with the essential scrapbook kits. They include everything you need to get started. Once you have one of our scrapbook kits, then it’s time to add in photos of you and your father or snapshots of your Dad doing the things he loves most. Write in captions and quotes about fathers throughout the pages. Use embellishments to add flair. Even leave a page or two blank where you can write a note to your Dad telling him how much you care. Once the scrapbook is complete, just gift it to your Dad and let him enjoy!

Scrapbook Something Special for Mom!

Mother’s Day is this week and if you want to wow that special woman in your life, you’ve got to do more than just give her another card and a gift certificate. Your mom deserves something special; something that really lets her know you care. At, we want to make sure that Mom is delighted when she gets her Mother’s Day gift, so to help you out, we’ve got three great ideas on how you can give something great to Mom this Mother’s Day:

1. A Scrapbooking Basket
Scrapbooking is a great hobby and your Mom will love getting supplies she needs for making beautiful scrapbooks that your family can enjoy for a lifetime. To make this gift, fill a basket with all of the necessary scrapbook supplies: scrapbook refill pages, stickers, craft scissors, papers, acid-free adhesives, embellishments, and even a new scrapbook. Then, attach on a lovely handwritten note letting your Mom know that you’ve got her interests in mind with this special Mother’s Day present.

2. A Scrapbooking Kit
Maybe your Mom wants to start up a new hobby, or maybe she’s been interested in scrapbooking but just hasn’t had the chance to get started. Jump start your Mom’s love of scrapbooking by giving her one of the scrapbook kits from These kits have everything you need to put together your very first scrapbook. Make the gift even more special by including other embellishments and maybe even a few photos of your own to be included.

3. A Mother’s Day Scrapbook
This gift idea is great for any mother, even if she’s not a big scrapbooker. In this gift, you’ll start out with a scrapbook from and then fill it up with photos of your Mom, well, being Mom! Capture birthdays, showers, and even the everyday in this beautiful scrapbook that your Mom will love. Then, decorate the pages using embellishments and other scrapbooking decor. Finish out the gift by writing a heartfelt note on the inside cover, letting Mom know just how special she is and how you appreciate all she does for you every day.

A Wonderful Wedding Gift for the Bride & Groom-to-Be!

wedding cake

Wedding season is coming up fast and you can expect that you’ll be attending a wedding shower within the next few months. To ensure that you have an unforgettable gift that the lovely couple will love, try making those special people a wedding scrapbook or engagement scrapbook that’s perfect for cataloging their new life together! has everything you need to get started, plus, if you follow these easy tips, you should be on your way to having a lovely gift in no time at all!

1.) First off, start out by getting a wedding scrapbook from our selection. We carry a variety of beautiful scrapbooks that are perfect for starting out your wedding gift. Plus, they feature a gorgeous wedding motif that’s right in line with the occasion.
2.) Next, start off the scrapbook by putting in photos of the lovely couple together, with friends, and with family members. Be sure to leave some of the pages blank so they can fill them in with their own treasures. Mat the photos on colored craft paper to give the pages some pizzazz.
3.) Then, write in captions and little notes to the happy couple to wish them well on their upcoming wedding. If you can, have other shower guests write messages to the bride and groom-to-be on a dedicated page as a cool kind of guestbook.
4.) After that, use scrapbook embellishments to add some spice to each and every page.
5.) Finally, include some scrapbook refill pages in with the gift to ensure that the happy couple always has room to grow their scrapbook with photos of the wedding, the honeymoon, and their first year as husband and wife!

Making a wedding gift for your friends or loved ones can be easy. Use these tips from to make it happen!

Tips for a Better Pet Portrait

dog with heart on nose

Thinking of giving your sweetie a portrait of his or her pet this Valentine’s Day? Then be sure to use these quick and easy photo tips to ensure that you get the right shot to celebrate the occasion with:

1.)Start out by getting down to eye level with your pet. This should make the pet more comfortable, plus, it’ll give you a better photo.

2.)Next, consider using natural light since it’ll create a better look and feel in the picture. Try positioning your loved one’s pet near a window (covered by a sheer) with sunlight streaming in. Just be careful you don’t overexpose or get too much glare. The focus should stay on the pet.

3.)Clean up your photo by making sure the pet is well-groomed and by tidying up the spot where you want to take your photo. Remove any clutter and ensure that both the space and the pet are looking their best.

4.)Whether tilting their heads or perking up their ears, bringing out emotion in pets helps to make a photo spectacular. Watch for moments when they may give some expression. Make sounds or try talking to them to get a reaction.

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