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Show a Survivor You Care with a Breast Cancer Awareness Scrapbook

breast-cancer ribbonOctober is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you know a survivor, it’s time to show them just how inspirational she is to you. Putting together a commemorative scrapbook can be a great way to motivate a breast cancer survivor during treatment, or, it can act as a reminder of the strength and courage it takes to fight such a terrible disease. Show someone you love that she has strength and that she can pull through.

So how do you put together such a scrapbook? Well, we recommend including things like:

  • Quotations about courage, strength, and healing.
  • Photos of you and the survivor together during good times.
  • Photos of milestones in cancer treatment, such as the day remission was declared.
  • Quotations from famous breast cancer survivors.
  • Greeting and get well cards sent from friends and family.
  • Letters and notes from friends and family that the survivor can reflect on when things are getting tough.
  • Plenty of pink! Pink is the official color of breast cancer awareness.
  • Embellishments and pretty scraps. Anything that could be deemed special to the survivor.
  • Photos of a breast cancer benefit that was held in honor of the survivor.

Now these are just a few ideas of what one could put into such a scrapbook. It’s really up to you!

If you want to start putting together a breast cancer awareness scrapbook for someone you love, consider choosing for all of your scrapbooks, scrapbook supplies, and embellishments.

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Celebrate Adopt a Pet Month with a Pet Scrapbook!

pair of brown dogs

October is Adopt a Pet Month and you know what that means: it’s time to get out there and get a pet that deserves a good home! There are millions of shelter animals in need of a good home and you can do your part this month by adopting. But don’t forget to catalog the experience.

When you adopt a pet, you add another member to your family and that’s something that needs to be celebrated. During this special time, don’t forget to bring your camera and take lots of pictures. Once the adoption has taken place, you can start building up a wonderful photo collection of memories with your pet. Start out that collection and commemorate your pet’s adoption by putting together a pet scrapbook!

At, we carry a great selection of pet scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies so that it’es easy for you to put something special together. Just add photos, captions, and quotes about pets. It’s that simple! Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a keepsake you can look back on again and again. Trust us – there’s nothing like having a pet in your life.

Do your part and adopt. Make sure to capture the experience this month with a pet scrapbook from

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Celebrate Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day Scrapbook

Grandparents are so very special and this year, on Grandparents Day, you have to show them how much you care. But how can you do it? Well, at, we recommend putting together a thoughtful photo album or scrapbook using some of our best scrapbooking supplies and Pioneer albums and scrapbooks.

Designed to keep your memories safe for a lifetime, Pioneer photo albums and scrapbooks store your photos in archive quality so there’s no risk of fading or discoloration. Just add your photos, write in captions, and include embellishments to spice up the pages. It can be that simple to create a gift that grandparents will simply love!

Once you’ve got your supplies from, just add in your favorite photos of you and your family spending time with your grandparents. Include thoughtful quotes or little notes to make each and every page feel unique and special. Then, wrap it all up and gift it to a very deserving set of grandparents. It’s the perfect gift for Grandparents Day!

Celebrate this September 12 with a little help from

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Capture Your Little One’s First Days of School

Pioneer Photo Album

If you just sent off your child to his or her first day of school, then you already know how important this occasion is. There’s just nothing like the excitement of getting on the school bus, carrying your own little backpack, and bringing a lunch Mom made with love. Going to school is a big moment in your child’s life and it deserves to be captured. Be sure that you can store those photos with your child on his or her first day of school is something just as special.

At, we have a great selection of Pioneer scrapbooks and photo albums, including this great 3-ring 120 pocket photo album that’s perfect for storing your child’s school day memories. From snapshots of your child at the bus stop to your child’s first school picture, this photo album by Pioneer can hold the memories of kindergarten and beyond in archival quality. When you store your child’s school photos in the Pioneer photo album, you get protection from aging, fading, and discoloration. Your photos will be as vibrant and beautiful as the days they were taken.

Be sure that you have a place to put all of your child’s school photos when you shop the selection of Pioneer photo albums and scrapbooks at

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Photo Favorite: Photo Mounts

Photo Mounts

Looking for a better way to keep your photos in place? Don’t worry – we have a solution.

Our Photo Mounts are pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive mounting squares that offer double-sided stickiness to keep your photos in place in both photo albums and scrapbooks.

You can mount your photos with ease when you use these photo mounts from our selection. Just press on and you’re done! The strong but acid-free and photo-safe adhesive will keep your photos anchored securely in place for years to come so that never have to worry about losing a photo or having your scrapbook fall apart.

Buy Photo Mounts today in a pack of 500 to get extra adhesion for your favorite photos, paper scraps, and other keepsakes. Shop our store today to save.

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Photo Album Favorite: Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth

Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth

Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth

Now, before you can put together any photo album or scrapbook, it’s important to have a Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth on hand. This remarkable and essential scrapbooking tool helps you get your photos display ready so that it’s easy to keep your pages looking their best. Trust us – you won’t want to do anything with your photos without one.

So what exactly does a Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth do? Well, for starters, it gets rid of smudges, fingerprints, lints, dust, and dirt on your favorite photos. Made from super soft microfiber, this cleaning cloth gently wipes away those icky things that make your photos look dull and dingy, plus, it’s great for using on other household items. DVDs, CDs, eyeglasses, and camera lenses can also be cleaned off using this cloth without getting scratched or dulled. No need fore cleaners or chemicals either!

Get this acid-free, washable, and reusable photo cleaning cloth today at!

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Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

A classical photo album
Image via Wikipedia

Scrapbookers, photographers, and album makers all know that inspiration makes art possible. At, we think that making the most of our memories in an art form. So, we want to know: where does your inspiration come from?

When taking family photos, capturing special moments on a scrapbook page, or even putting together a memory box, where does that creativity come from? Did you see a photo that inspired you to catalog a lifetime of memories? Did you notice that your photo collection was getting a bit disorganized? Tell us what made you scrapbook or take the step towards putting together a new photo album.

Remember, inspiration comes in many forms! Whether it was a song on the radio, a comment from a friend, or even a hug from your child, we want to know what inspires you!

Share with us in the comments!

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Celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month

Made for Hampton Arts 2009 Catalog
Image via Wikipedia

Scrapbooking is an art form and as a scrapbooker, it’s important to take time this month to celebrate your skill and show off your beautiful creations. August is American Artist Appreciation Month and scrapbookers should be counted in with the celebrations. Not sure what you can do? Clueless on how to showcase your scrapbooking skill? Let help with these 10 tips for celebrating American Artist Appreciation Month:

1.) Create a scrapbook featuring the work of famous American artists and have it displayed at a local library, school, or community center as an educational tool.
2.) Make a scrapbooking website or blog and show off some of your best creations. Post photos, tips, and stories about scrapbooking!
3.) Start a scrapbooking class or circle in your community. Art flourishes when you give it room to grow!
4.) Work with your local museum on commemorating the history of scrapbooking as an art form or offer to host scrapbooking workshops.
5.) Visit museums and scrapbooking stores. They need your support!
6.) Give feedback to other scrapbookers on how they might improve their craft.
7.) Try out a new scrapbooking technique or layout. Use August as a time to experiment with scrapbooking!
8.) Go on a miniature artist tour in your area and make it a point to visit local galleries and exhibits. Take photos and scrapbook your adventure.
9.) Travel to an American art museum, major gallery, or an artist’s home and scrapbook your experience.
10.) Keep scrapbooking!

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Get the Red Out with Our Red Eye Remover Pen

red eye remover pen

Hate getting red eye in your printed photos? Let help get the red out by giving you the perfect solution without have to deal with photo retouching: the Red-Eye Remover Pen.

This Red Eye Remover Pen quickly removes most red eye effects on both people and animals from color photos without damaging the actual photo itself. Using duel felt tip points, you can pinpoint exactly where and to what degree you need to remove red-eye from, which means less chance of goofing up when you take the time to make your photos look fantastic. It’s photo safe, non-toxic, and meets all ASTM standards.

Why wouldn’t you want to have one on hand when you fix your photos? Get yours today at!

Celebrate with a Parents Day Scrapbook!

parents day

On July 25, take the time to celebrate those special moms and dads and mas and pas with a special gift that shows just how much you love them. Parents are special people and as such, they deserve to be treasured. This Parents Day, be sure to give your parents (or your parents’ parents!) something which celebrates all of the wonderful things they bring into your life, like a personalized and handmade scrapbook from the collection of scrapbooks and supplies at

At, we have everything you need to create a beautiful Parents Day scrapbook. Choose from our selection of colorful scrapbooks, scrapbook paper, adhesives, crafting supplies, and scissors to find what you need to put the book together. Then, sit down with your family and start crafting!

Fill up your scrapbook pages with you and your parents having fun, celebrating holidays, or doing what you do best. Be sure to put captions and matting around each photo. Next, go through your pages and add other keepsakes which can remind your parents of the love you share. Drawings, greeting cards, ticket stubs, postcards, letters, or other special documents can be the final flourish which can bring your scrapbook pages to life. Then, once it’s filled, it’s time to decorate! Using embellishments, adhesives, and other craft supplies, decorate each page with a special theme or just add some flair to each and every photo. Once you’re done with that, seal the scrapbook with a kiss by writing a special note to commemorate Parents Day. Sign your name or the names of your family members and then wrap it up pretty for picture-perfect presentation.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Parents Day, just know that makes it easy to craft beautiful gifts and scrapbooks just in time for the occasion. Start making yours today!

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