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Tips for Taking Photos Of Fireworks


It’s almost here! July 4th is right around the corner and if you’re looking to capture some great photos for a summertime scrapbook, don’t forget your camera when you go to watch fireworks! While beautiful, fireworks can be one of the toughest things to photograph. However, with these tips, it may be a bit easier for you.

1.) Try using a tripod to give your camera stability. If you have a point and shoot camera, then try resting it on top of a porch railing or similar so that you can get the steadiness you need to capture what the fireworks look like.

2.) Use longer shutter speeds to capture the movement of the fireworks. However, keep it steady, otherwise you’ll end up getting a very blurred effect.

3.) Frame your shots differently. Try moving to a different location. Watch the horizons. Play with vertical and horizontal shots.

4.) Switch off your flash. It won’t have impact on your shots and you’ll just be killing your battery.

5.) Experiment with light beforehand to get an idea of how it behaves when you use your camera. From there, you can feel more prepared when you start taking pictures of fireworks.