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Three Unique Scrapbooking Methods

Just like the beautiful scrapbooks that they create, scrapbookers have different styles and tastes when it comes to their craft. Here are three unique approaches to crafting the perfect scrapbook, each with its own special features and approach. Enjoy and see if you can be inspired!


Digital Scrapbooking: Creating pages online using digital images and software rather than purchasing individual embellishments. Many people use these to create pages to upload to their blogs or to print and place in a book. Many software packages are also compatible with online websites like and and allow you to upload your pages and create a printed book of your creations.

Scrapblogging: There are many people who utilize blogs to maintain a journal or to document the happenings of their family. These blogs are highly personalized. Starting out you can use a standardized template, but once you are comfortable with the services provided, you can upload your own creation to make your blog more personal. Just remember to be creative! Add in some videos to your blog as a unique touch.

Repurposed Scrapbooking: Using unconventional materials like wrapping paper, quilt pieces, packaging, soda cans, cloth napkins, cardboard, homemade papers, newspaper, or other scraps, you can make an entire scrapbook from scratch. Get innovative and see how you can make your own with finds from thrift stores, the recycling bin, or just about anywhere else.