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Teach Your Child with an Earth Day Scrapbook


Our planet is a beautiful, wonderful place filled with surprises and this Earth Day you can make a difference in your child’s life by taking time to teach him or her about the natural world. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the occasion and on April 22, get ready to make a craft that’s sure to not only be remembered, but treasured for years to come.

An Earth Day scrapbook is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Instead of filling the pages with photos of birthday parties and weddings, an Earth Day scrapbook is filled with images of all things that come to life around us. Landscapes, ocean scenes, plants, bugs, animals, and even your child playing the yard are part of what makes an Earth Day scrapbook so special. In addition to photos of the natural world, an Earth Day scrapbook should also include things like pressed flowers, leaves, dried blades of grass, seashells, or other natural treasures that your child can find outside while exploring. Just get together a scrapbook, multi-colored papers, acid-free adhesives, and a few embellishments and you’re ready to put together an Earth Day memory of your own.

Take time this Earth Day to spend time with your child making an Earth Day scrapbook that’s filled with beautiful things from our planet.