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Start Working on Graduation Scrapbooks Now!

We know, we know:  It’s only March and you are talking about graduation scrapbooks?  Yes, we know it seems a little early, but trust us:  We have our reasons.  We have worked with many people over the years who have worked on many scrapbooks, and they always offer us the same piece of information:  Scrapbooks take time.

graduation scrapbook

Think of all the things you need to do in order to create a graduation scrapbook:  Take pictures during the final year of school, find all the pictures from years past for the scrapbook, organize the pictures into categories so that you can easily find them, plan your page progression, attach the pictures, add embellishments, and so forth.  You can’t sit down one night and complete all of these tasks.  They all take time.

Therefore, if you start working on your graduation scrapbook now, you’ll have it ready to go for the day of the graduation party.  Also don’t forget that the closer you get to the party, the more you’ll have to do in terms of inviting guests, preparing food, and so on.  Get your scrapbook started now so you aren’t pulling out your hair later.