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St. Patrick’s Day is Right Around the Corner: Are You Ready?

Four Leaf Clover

As one of the most beloved and celebrated holidays in March, St. Patrick’s Day is a fabulous way for anyone to get in touch with their Irish heritage and to celebrate this wonderful nationality with vibrant parties, historic parades, and of course, a lot of fun. As part of your St. Patrick’s Day tradition, do you take photos? If not, you definitely should be! Having a collection of St. Patrick’s Day memories can be a great way to celebrate your Irish heritage as well as to catalog some of the fun events that take place on this special day.

Going to a parade? Bring a camera. Have plans to attend a party or local festival? Bring a camera. Spending a quiet day at home making Irish soda bread? Bring your camera. All of these moments have the same thing in common: they’re part of the magic of what makes St. Patrick’s Day so special. Be sure that you’re capturing them!

As March 17th approaches, start thinking about how you’ll celebrate this special day and how you’re planning on filling up your St. Patrick’s Day Photo Album with something special.