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Scrapbooking your Child’s Artwork

Your kids are probably some of the most creative people you know.  Over the years, they’re going to bring home a lot of art projects.  Some of their artwork can be easily glued into a scrapbook with the right adhesive.  Others are a little more difficult to manage—either because they’re bulky or three-dimensional.

scrapbooking child artwork

It’s simple to photograph your child’s artwork.  If it can fit on top of your scanner, you can simply scan it, too.  To photograph it, however, just find a spot in your home that has good lighting and little background clutter.  If you need to, place a solid-colored sheet on a wall and place the artwork in front of it.  Take several photos to ensure that you really get a good shot.

Print your photos on archival quality paper—and use archival ink.  Make sure each print is no smaller than 5×7.  This is the best way to enjoy your child’s artwork.

Once you have the photos ready, you can begin putting your scrapbook together.  Try keeping embellishments to a minimum.  This ensures that the main focus of the page is your child’s artwork.  Give each piece of art a title—but avoid using ribbons, glitter, or other embellishments that can be distracting.

Make sure you keep your child’s artwork safe in a scrapbook!  Enjoy it for years to come.