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Scrapbooking and Break Ups: A Time For Healing

Girl Journaling

When most people think of scrapbooking, they tend to remember those pivotal, life changing events where hearts swelled with happiness, smiles were shared, laughter heard, and connection made. Scrapbooks are the catalog and collection of memories organized together as time passes in a form that is both skilled and beautiful. However, in times of struggle or loss, scrapbooking can also prove to be therapeutic.

To start moving past your break up, divorce, or the ending of a relationship, pull out that box of photos of you and the other person. Using a scrapbook and an abundance of note paper, write letters to the person expressing how you feel. Journal about the events depicted in the photos. Make comment of what the events were and how they changed your life. These actions, combined with giving yourself time to heal, are sure to be helpful.

It’s the combination of the photos and the journaling that does it. Writing alone, does not remind you of all the parts of yourself the way contemplating a photo does. Writing and making art around those photos, even the simplest kind of art, is altogether healing. It’s more powerful than any counseling session – and that’s what scrapbooking is all about.