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Scrapbook Your Family Recipes

There’s nothing better than enjoying a home cooked meal, especially if what you’re dining on came from a family recipe. Passed down through the generations, family recipes are special parts of your history that just make life taste better. Scrapbooking those family recipes – and memories – can be a great way to add some spice to your life.

  • Start out by gathering together old recipe cards, notes, or even recipe cutouts that your family has used for many years.
  • Using acid-free adhesive, paste the recipes into pages of your scrapbook.
  • Next, add photos of your relatives from which the recipes came, or include snapshots of you and your loved ones in the kitchen.
  • Tie everything together by using scrapbook embellishments, decorations, stickers, and stamps that feature a cooking or kitchen theme.
  • Add captions on every page to outline where the recipe came from.
  • Feel free to leave some pages blank where you can journal a favorite memory that goes along with the recipe.
  • Make copies of the scrapbook to gift your dearest family members! Not only will this scrapbook commemorate the best tastes of life, but it’ll also be able to be passed down through the generations, just like those recipes.