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Remeber to Be Acid-Free!

When you’re scrapbooking, putting together a photo album, or making any craft with photos, it’s important to remember that you need the right adhesive to get the job done. Sure, it has to be strong and easy to use, but it also has to be acid-free. When you’re working with photos, acid-free adhesives are absolutely essential, as they avoid the discoloration of your photos as the result of chemical reaction.

Adhesives that contain acid are notorious for distorting the color of your photos or making them fade. As a result, your scrapbooks and photo albums look shabby over time. Instead of having to redo your photo projects because of photo discoloration, get them right from the start. Always be sure to use acid-free adhesives when working with photos. Trust us – it’s the only way to keep your photos safe and sound!