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Rainy Spring Day Scrapbooking Ideas

Rainy Spring Day Scrapbooking Ideas

Rain,  rain go away. Come again another day… when you’re prepped for scrapbooking! Rainy days can be full of bright possibilities so long as you’re prepared with scrapbooking supplies.  Rather than go out for supplies to occupy your rainy day be ready with some all natural spring time scrapbooking supplies.

Using nature’s supplies you can make beautiful mixed media pages with depth and color. Before the sky opens up, get outside and collect materials to make springy scrapbooking pages. Here are a few items to pick up on your nature shopping list:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Tree blossoms
  • Leaves
  • Feathers
  • Ferns

Once you have everything gathered, press your found items in a heavy book to become scrapbooking accents. Add a dictionary or two for additional weight!  There’ll be no need to drive to the store in hazardous conditions! All your scrapbooking supplies will be ready for your next scrapbooking project, drying in the home!

Get a matching nature themed scrapbook album for your nature inspired scrapbooking project. What other things can you make into all natural scrapbooking accents?

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