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Q – I recently bought a scrapbook to start scrapbooking, but I can not seem to get my embellishments to stick to my pages. Whenever I make a page and put it in my book, the embellishments always seem to be at the bottom of the page whenever I open it back up to show anyone. I am using regular white scrapbooking paper and a glue stick to stick my embellishments. Could this be the glue or paper causing the embellishments to fall off the page? – Sue, TX

A – Hi Sue, thanks for contacting It does not sound like it is the paper causing your embellishments to come off. It actually may be the glue. Make sure you are using a higher bond glue. Regular glue sticks are fine for photos and light weight embellishments but if you are gluing heavier decorations on your pages, the glue stick may not hold the weight. carries an embellishment glue stick specifically for this problem. This glue stick can hold the weight of a penny. It is also meant for wood, fabric, felt, light metals and cardboard. This will definitely fix the problem you are having. Hope this helps!