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Pledge Class Projects

Being part of a sorority can be a defining moment in any college student’s life. You provide civil service to the community through volunteering, you get a cool house to live in, and you form bonds that span generations and last a lifetime. But in order to become part of a sorority, you must become part of a pledge class, which will require you to complete certain tasks, by yourself and with your pledge classmates, to prove your dedication. One of those tasks, which can be the most important, is to complete a pledge class project that will be presented to your older sisters.

The pledge class project could make or break your admittance into the sorority. In many cases you need to work together to accomplish this, and the project you present is for the class to decide. This could lead to many great ideas, but you have to keep in mind that you have a limited time to complete this project and you still have classes to attend. So if you’re stuck on what to do, here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

– Put on a play – If you really want to wow your sorority sisters, you and your sisters can write and act in a play. This wouldn’t take too much time if the work is divided properly. You can divide the class into teams – who could write the play, build the set, and make the costumes. Since time is limited, you all could participate in the production and entertain your sisters.

– Sing a song – Many sororities incorporate original songs and sayings into their mantra. If you and your pledge class create a song that celebrates your sorority’s rich legacy, this song could be incorporated into the sorority’s tradition and sung for years to come.

– Commemorate the sorority’s history – This may take some time, but chronicling your sorority’s history not only helps you learn more about them, but shows how much you care. You’ll need to sift through old photos and make copies of them in order to preserve the originals. You can compile them in a stylish Scrapbook or Photo Album to present to your older sisters.